Headed to Dune Fest with a Can-Am Commander 1000!


Picked up my Can-Am Commander 1000 XT today. Took it for a quick burn in the pasture out back then swapped to paddle tires for the dunes.



Those are OMF billet center beadlocks with Skat Trak Haulers in the rear and ITP Dune Stars up front.

Headed to Dune Fest in Winchester Bay (Oregon) on Tuesday. Shacking up with Pete from Got Sand? Plan to do lots of riding with the Commander, but I am also going to hit up Muzzys. They are bringing their 850cc RZR S and 999cc stroker Teryx!

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Awesome Jon! Have fun, and keep us updated on it's performance in the sand (especially with those Haulers), and plenty of pics if possible!!!:D
I am way jealous also!! If mine wasn't in the middle of being re-invented I would be there!! I am interested what you think of that BIG bore Teryx!!

Have a safe trip John and have a blast!!!

Finally got to meet Jon up here at Windy Bay...thanx for motoring Barbara around the dunes, she's still got that grin on her face....patiently (NOT!!) waiting for our X to come in.....Lance
Met up with Jon and chatted briefly. The Commander looked bad azzed.
Was gonna do a test drive but ran out of time.
Our trip report:
Cloudy / overcast / fog / drizzel / cool - overall good riding weather.
Dunes - HOLY %*@&! they were HUGE! Nice riding - was able to find routes up most of the - kind a challanging w/o paddles. Much different experiance than Florence or Horsefalls. Drag racing was nuts. Crowd was good. Met the Muzzys guys - great customer service.
UTV 1997 Race Report:
Last Man Standing UTV Race - got spanked by the turbo RZR's
SxS GP - took 2nd in the Open class with a stock Teryx running Muzzys / Elkas. One more lap an we would have gotten past the top RZR. It was a rough rutted torn up track :D - my favorite kind.
Over all a great event.

DuneFest 2010 was awesome. I was lucky enough to pick up our demo 2011 Can-Am Commander 1000 XT the day before heading up to Winchester Bay. Perfect timing.


Other than some paddle tires from Fullerton Sand Sports and mirrors from Axia Alloys, the Commander was completely stock. I put about 100 miles on the Commander over the weekend, and also displayed it in the vendor area with Got Sand? The Commander does great in the dunes. Lots of power (I went up Banshee Hill several times) and a smooth ride. The shocks are pretty good for stock. Smooth ride, but when you get aggresive, you can g-out just like any other factory shock. I really like the Fox shocks on the 1000 X. They are top of the line and if I had my choice I would get these. Unfortuantely the 1000 X won't be available until later this Fall.

It will be fun to see who can get long travel done in time for the Sand Sports Super Show next month. My Commander will be in our booth as well as my race Teryx.

I did line up with a stock RZR S and race up a pretty steep/long hill. We both had paddles, but the Commander needs a little clutch work to really shine with the 26" Sand Blasters. The Commander was just ahead of the RZR S most of the way up until the last bit. The Commander just kept going (nice torque) and the RZR S slowed down considerably. There is a YouTube video that one of the RZRForums guys took, but it is real far away and hard to see what I am talking about. The RZR guys are all happy that the RZR didn't lose by much, and it is funny to read the "brand loyalty" on some of the forums. In my opinion, the RZR S and Commander 1000 are both great machines, but they are really not in the same class - sport vs. sport/utility.


Can-Am, Yamaha, Arctic Cat and Kawawsaki were all there with their newest ATVs & UTVs and most were giving demo rides. As you can imagine, Can-Am was swamped with demo rides for the Commander.


Dave from Fullerton Sand Sports taking the Muzzys 999cc for a ride

I also hooked up with Muzzys and took their 850cc RZR and 999cc Teryx out for a spin. Both setups are big improvements over stock, but the 999cc big bore Teryx is in a class by itself. I ran around a bit in the Teryx while Rob tried out the Commander. After Rob headed back to camp I headed over to Banshee Hill. First I tried it in 4WD just to get the feel. Wow, that was impressive. Headed back down and put it in 2WD to see what would happen. It flew right up almost as fast in 2WD as in 4WD. The torque is HUGE. If you have a Teryx and want to go fast in the dunes, this setup is for you. Much more power than a stock Commander 1000. I sure hope to upgrade my 840cc Teryx to this setup this year. :D My Commander went home with Muzzys so they could do some R&D on an exhaust. Stay tuned for that. Just like all the other UTVs, Muzzys will have the best setup for performance and sound.

The racing was pretty entertaining. Tractor pulls. Last Man Standing. Rules are real lose. Pretty much just put a helmet on and run what you brung. Only thing they need to think about is splitting up the turbo's in their own class. Kind of hard to put a turbo RZR in the same class as a Teryx or Rhino. And the Redline single seater shouldn't have been able to compete in a SxS race. They did have some pretty cool prizes and there wasn't a ton of competitors.


Weather was a little in the drizzly side for most of the time, but Saturday/Sunday were sunny and incredible. It would be awesome to get a UTV Underground group up there for next year.....

More pictures
Awesome run down on your trip Jon!!

Thank you for your insight, I am thinking real hard about that 999 for the teryx!! That would be sweet!


Awesome run down on your trip Jon!!

Thank you for your insight, I am thinking real hard about that 999 for the teryx!! That would be sweet!



The 999cc Muzzys is incredible. Heck just the 916cc cylinders are awesome.

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