The last name Geiser is notorious within the off road industry for their quality trophy trucks builds that dominate the Best In The Desert & SCORE race series’. Sean Geiser, nephew of the “Geiser Brothers” has been working around trophy trucks with his uncle’s since the age of 12. As a young grom eager to learn the family business, Sean would spend his summers in Phoenix, AZ helping around the shop. Uncles Rick & Jeff made him start from the bottom having him clean the shop every day and help with the little tasks throughout the day.

With many years of hard labor and perseverance Sean would end up learning the family craft and by the age of 18 Sean was working with his uncles building trophy trucks and race cars. However, at the age of 21 Sean needed a cornea transplant in his right eye which took months to recover from. After recovery Sean continued fabricating for his family and would eventually break out and run a short course race team until the end of 2016.

(Special thank you to Shock Therapy for this bad ass BREAKDOWN video!)

In 2017 Sean started a manufacturing company titled Geiser Inc. which would do prototyping and make automotive machines for companies. Midway through the year a family friend approached Sean if he would help him build his Can-Am so they went on a shopping spree and built it with an off the shelf roll cage and bolt on parts. Sean soon ran wide open into the UTV scene.

As an engineer Sean is always thinking of innovative ways to design and make products that not only look good but will hold up to the Geiser standard. Wiuth UTVs now his focus, he began drawing up prototype parts. In late 2017 Sean met his business partner RJ Jeffries who was also a UTV enthusiast with the opportunity to open up a shop tailored to the UTV community. Countless nights and days of working hard on providing quality products, Sean and RJ have built the new Geiser Performance into one of the fastest growing quality UTV builders in the sport.


“I am very passionate about the motorsports industry and I’m very excited to see where the UTV industry brings Geiser Performance. We strive day in and day out to design and manufacture the best products available to the UTV market while building one off custom cars for clients to showcase our products on”, says Sean Geiser.

On Presidents day weekend of this year, Geiser Performance invited us out to Glamis to get an up close look at their new Can-Am X3 build they call “Stainless” due to its full stainless steel cage construction. This Can-Am has been tricked out from top-to-bottom with quality craftsmanship and performance in mind. The body lines of the Geiser Performance stainless steel roll cage and doors give the Cam-Am a sinister look that sets it apart. The cage has a unique style alone with the stainless tig-welded construction, but little details like the rear gun drilled c-pillars really give this machine a unique look and feel. The stainless cage was clear coated to show off the caliber of quality that Geiser Performance puts into their builds and stand behind. The front bumper, skid plate and grill were built in-house by Geiser Performance as well, with a KC Hilites 10″ flex bar to pair nicely with the 50″ flex bar they have mounted to the roof.


Sean designed a custom front suspension bulkhead and shock tower gusset that hold the Gold Series Shock Therapy shocks in place and give the front end of this Maverick X3 the strength it needs to keep it from collapsing on the hard hits. The front cross bar on the front of the cage is tastefully bent to flow and hug the lines of the dash and keep the intrusion bars in line with the shock tower continuing the overall flow & look of the machine.


The black and stainless look on the 14″x 8 “DWT Sector bead lock wheels tie into the overall color scheme as well. For the dunes the wheels are wrapped in 32” Skat-Trak performance sand tires which are known for their reduced weight and overall performance. If you pay close attention in the evening you will notice the Geiser “G” logo on the bottom of the door is illuminated and can come in a variety of different colors to match your build. Geiser Performance built and added their stout billet sway bar end links for the rear, however its hard to keep your eyes off of the billet STM Stage 4 clutch shinning through the clear XX Designs clutch cover.

Geiser Performance Radius Rods and rear stainless link plate help keep the suspension durable enough for any pounding thrown its way. The trick Geiser Performance cargo rack not only looks good from a design perspective, but from a functionality point of view it has an endless amount of options to tie down just about anything you like. The rack itself is held into the bed with Can-Am’s LINQ quick latch systems so it can be removed or installed with ease.


The Can-Am Maverick X3 has also been equipped with an Evolution (EVO) Powersports exhaust, tune, charge pipe and blow off valve pushing this monster X3 to just over 200 HP (203hp). The EVO packages have become very popular amongst X3 owners because of their ferocious HP gains and ease of installation. Although small and hard to notice, the back up camera is a nice addition when out on the ride and keeping an eye on your buddies as you roost them with endless amounts of sand and rock. It also helps when backing up due to the X3’s limited rear visibility and low slung design.

Geiser Performance built a trick custom rear facing amber light into their cage which adds to the machines overall cool factor. It sits perfectly tucked between the two rear mounted Shock Therapy Gold Series shock reservoirs and finishes the roof line off perfectly.


The doors were by far the easiest and smoothest aftermarket doors I have ever opened on a Can-Am. I could open it with one finger and close it without any alignment issues. They also replaced Can-Ams cheesy red strap with a nice billet machines lever to open the door catch.


To the untrained eye it is easy to over look some of the small details which add to the overall quality of a build. And although minor, things like rubber grommet keeping wires from chaffing when ran into tubing go a long way for guys like us. As you slip into the SPARCO EVO II seats you notice immediately that the less than appealing factory Can-Am dash has been replaced with a custom fiberglass dash wrapped in leather and also built by XX Designs . An iPad was installed into the dash along with a 60 watt Rugged Radio and Rugged Radio’s bluetooth intercom for bumping some tunes. A Switch-Pros digital touch panel is used to switch the accessories. The background on the iPad is actually set to live video from the rear facing camera which is a nice touch.


Sean built a custom gated shifter and shift knob for the center console adding to the cars relentless amount of race inspired details. The full center console also houses two cup holders made of what else, stainless steel!

After gawking over the build and craftsmanship it was time to go for a ride, this isn’t a car show afterall. This is a play car that looks like a show car and performs like a race car and we were eager to verify that this X3 could perform as good as it looks. We headed out from Gecko Rd. in the Glamis Sand Dunes to Oldsmobile Hill shredding bowls the entire time. The EVO Stage 4 tune is an absolute monster and pushes you back in the seat as that boost comes in. The blow off valve when dumping sounds like that of a well tuned rally car and as Sean raced up the dunes and threw it in he would almost always shoot a huge roost of sand in the air. It looked like the ultimate UTV as it paraded through the Glamis Sand Dunes, virtually taunting anything it came across.


After hitting some bowls (get your mind out the gutter) we headed back out to Olds to try and make some passes before sunset. Golden hour isn’t just the perfect time for filming and shooting photos, its almost always everyones favorite time to ride due to the perfect shadowing allowing all the nooks and crannies of the dunes to become visible. Anyone who rides like we do at UTVUnderground.com knows that sunset rides provide the best rips and Geiser was taking full advantage of every fresh set of sand he could find!


Once we got to Olds RJ jumped behind the wheel and raced up the hill tp try and battle some other machines. The 32″ Skat-Trak’s threw up a huge plume of sand as RJ put the hammer down and raced up Olds, the RZR 1000 that lined up never really had a chance.

After a couple passes up the hill we headed back to camp for some tacos and cervesa. It may be a weekend in Glamis but when you’re with Geiser Performance it’s always taco Tuesday! If you’re following them on Instagram you’ll know what we mean. All jokes aside, Geiser Performance built in our eyes the cleanest Can-Am Maverick X3 of 2018 so far! From the power, to the design, and functionality of the build, it is the ultimate Maverick X3.

Thank you again to Sean & Lindsay Geiser along with RJ for having us out and showing us a fantastic time and giving us some seat time in the beast they call “STAINLESS”!


Owner: RJ Jeffries / Geiser Performance
Model: 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS
Builder: Geiser Performance
Cage / Doors: Geiser Performance
Engine / Intake / Exhaust: Evolution Powersports
ECU: Evolution Powersports Stage 4RWI
Shocks: Shock Therapy Gold Edition
Switches: Switch-Pro’s Digital Switch System
Navigation: Apple iPad Mini
Communications: Rugged Radios
Dash: Double X Designs
Seats: Sparco
Harnesses: PRP 5-point harness
Wrap: Cactus Window Tint
Powder Coat: Specialty Coatings Inc.
Lighting: KC Hilites 50” Flex & 10” Flex
Electrical: Double X Designs
Wheels: DWT 14×7 (sand) and Raceline Wheels 15×7 (dirt)
Tires: Skat-Trak 32″ Paddles & Buffs (sand) and ITP 32” (dirt)
Steering Wheel: MPI Innovations
Safety Antenna: Buggy Whip
Fire Suppression: Safecraft CanAm Suppression System

Geiser Performance:
Shock Tower Gusset
Cargo Rack
Shift Knob
Radius Rods
Radius Rod Link Plate
Sway Bar Links

Follow Geiser Performance on social media and check out more of their work!

Instagram – @Gesier_Performance
Facebook – ww.FB.com/GesierPerformance
Website – www.GeiserPerformance.com

Photos & Words by Daniel Schenkelberg // UTVUnderground.com

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