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Whats up everyone, My name is Andy. Im from Surprise, AZ. Ive been into cars for a long while. I currently am building a toyota mini truck on Airbags thats body dropped bla bla bla. The reason Im here is because I bought an RZR-s about a year ago and this thing is a blast. We have recently been attending some raceing and Im interested. What is the easiest race series to get into. I am planning on doing some mods to my RZR but I dont want to get too crazy. What are the rules for racing. Thanks
many rules out there.
you can go to Lucasoiloffroadracing.com for theirs

BITD has dezert rules

Our friends at M4SX has theirs and for Stock/mod, these are the easiest to get into. bolt on cage, doors, window net for drivers side etc.

Thanks. I read throught the BITD rules before and they are pretty heavy. Im not sure that I want to weld a cage into the frame of the Razr yet. What is MX4S? Where are the races held? Is there an event lineup? Would I be able to start in a stock class with the RZR-s even though it obviously has some suspension from the factory? Thanks again
all M4SX races have been at Perris Ca. new sched is not out yet for next year, they are working on one.

entires are cheaper than others also, the suspension, since it came from the factory should be OK

LOORRS sched is out for next season, but bolt on cages have not been allowed in this or Torq series.

most short course racing is winding down for the year now. which means you can get your Rzr ready and not be rushed.

LOORRS has the highest amount of entires in UTV of any series and the peeps are great, staff and competitors.

Youll want to start racing whiplash on road racing, its local here in phoenix and has the easiest rules... they actually have a stock class you can enter...

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