Favorite tire wheel combo?

For the sand I have the Douglas Diablos with Skat smoothies in the front and 7 paddle in the rear. Love them. For the hard pack I have 25 ITP Terra Cross on the stock RZR S wheels. They are OK.
We have ITP Cseries !4" rims With Terracross 26" tires. We have been in sand ,dirt & rocks. The only thing We haven't been in is mud or snow. They have worked great everywhere. Over 2,000 miles so far & have only had one tire with a slow leak.


DWT has a wheel for everyones needs. We have been working on a complete line of tires. As far as the utv line the sand tires are available now and the others will be by year end. We did the same thing we did in the atv industry we listened to what everyones input was for the best tire out there and put it all in one.

The DWT utv tires will be worth waiting for.

DWT tire/wheel combos will be the hot ticket for 2011 in utv, atv, karting and golf kart industry. Call for details 760-758-5560. Or visit our website DWT Racing Official Site
I am running scat 10 Paddles and mohawks on hyper wheels....I need a good set of dirt tires and beadlocks too. I like the diablo's....maybe they will be the wheels I use for my dirt tires:confused:

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