Yamaha Dry Clutch Noise


Just installed a Dry Clutch and it makes a clanking noise at idle. At first I thought something was touching it and bouncing off of it but it is clear. It drives and seems fine and I know they are loud. Is this normal or should I be concerned.

Do you have to grease the dry clutches at all.

I have a PDM sport. I know they are supposed to be noisy but just wanted to make sure. It is a clank, consistent which made me think it was something hitting it but it is not. I was wondering if it could be the weights clanking out I ran it up to full throttle and it doesnt do it there.
The new Rhino. All powdercoated frame, built motor, dry clutch, CST 4" over LT kit with Walkers, 5 gallon Fuel Sale Cell, PWR Radiator, Empyre body kit. It is really a short course car which is why I went with the 4" over kit. It still works really well but is way more responsive than the 6" over kits. Turns great and doesn't drive as heavy. I am going to be making a buggy style aluminum hood and some sort of truggy style rear fenders for it. I am kind of over it being a Rhino and want it to be more of a custom build.

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I think I remember that style clutch having a rubber isolater that keeps everything quiet, but most racers remove them, as they are the first thing to fail when the clutch gets really hot when racing...

My Bronco clutch is pretty loud at idle too, seems to be louder than my PDM 4 arm race clutch was, even though it more covered...
nice Rhino. I have the Bronco Clutch and its pretty loud...sounds like marbles....But runs awesome!
The marbles line makes me feel a lot better. It runs great but sounds like marbles. Mine too, now I can stop sweating it.

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