Desert Toyz Yamaha Rhino takes 2nd at Parker 250

Desert Toyz Cory S

DeSeRt ToYz RhInO - UTVUnderground Approved
Desert Toyz Yamaha Rhino Race Team finishes 2<SUP>nd </SUP>At the Best In The Desert series season opener!<O:p</O:p

Time on course 4:22:55 Distance traveled 160 Average speed 37mph

Desert Toyz Yamaha Rhino Race Team started their 5<SUP>th</SUP> year, and 31<SUP>st</SUP> consecutive, Best In The Desert race, in the Original race Rhino, “The Blue Water Casino, Parker 250”. We started 6<SUP>th </SUP>of the 17 UTV’s that entered the 160 mile race, in the desert outside of Parker Arizona. Myself, Cory Sappington and Donavan Cain charged hard into the morning sun, navigating through the thick dust, passing 3 UTV’s in the first 30 miles. The Rhino was not running 100%, sputtering and back firing in the top-end. We went through Midway with a train of UTV’s hot on our tail! With only 85% power I expected the whole group to sail by, but the only UTV that passed me was Piere Perez. About 15 miles later we passed Perez back, he was broke down on the side of the course. Just before Main pit the Rhino started to feel loose in the backend. We called our crew on the radio and let them know we would stop long enough to have the tires checked. After stopping, our crew let us know that the 2<SUP>nd</SUP> place UTV 1938 stopped and we were now in 2<SUP>nd</SUP>, but before we went a mile the 1938 passed us back. We chased him all the way to Midway. We had to stop at Midway for a splash of fuel. Our pit guy Eric did a great job and got us out before the 1938. Now in 2<SUP>nd</SUP> with the 1919 five minutes ahead of us and the 1938 hot on our tail, I let it all hang out to the finish! We came across the finish line just 3 minutes 30 seconds away from first. It felt good to finish strong and put the Yamaha Rhino on the podium! Thank you to my wife, family and friends for their support. Thank you to BITD and the other UTV teams for making this a great race.
Sponsoring the fastest and most durable Yamaha Rhino in the desert is;<O:p></O:p>
Tires MAXXIS Bighorn Wheels OMF 3 piece Bead lock Suspension Desert Toyz +4
Shocks Elka Suspension Body Fullbore Innovations Race Frame Desert Toyz
Engine Web Cam - Carillo - Kibble White - Powroll - Kehien - K/N Filters - EPI Clutchs - Yamaha OEM
Exhaust Yoshimura Oil Lucas ATV semi synthitic Race Gas VP Fuels
CDI Black Rhino Performance Radiator PWR Magazine UTV Off Road

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