Dan Kelly crash at Glen Helen..........


This happened at the first ATV National race of the year at Glen helen this weekend (3/8/09).
First of all, Dan is OK. Thankfully, he got out and walked away.
Dan's teryx looks like it will need a new chassis or at least to be back halved. His crash has to be at or near the top for worst UTV crash! He went end over end over end over end over end, etc!!!!
Looks like the chassis folded like a taco right behind the engine, and the car lost at least 6" of wheelbase from the rear impact it took.
There were lots of photographers, but I haven't found any photos online yet.
Glad he was ok.

They had a UTV class at the Quad Nats? Who else was there?
Saw him on the 202 at 1:30 am this morning pullin the baller hauler home. Glad to hear not injured.
spy photos here.


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He should stop before someone gets hurt! lol

Glad he's alright....
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Good thing he had aftermarket rear uprights and CVs. Otherwise, his rear wheels would have come off too!!!:eek:
I am glad Dan is ok!! Sucks bad but it looks like his equipment did its job and kept him safe......
His Teryx is at FST... his wife was so grateful to them for building him something that would survive such a horrific wreck. When she saw the crash she thought he was going to be dead, she didnt expect to see him get out, neither did the crowd for that matter from what I hear, they all got real quiet too.

Next thing you know Dan pops out and tries to get a track official to get the teryx on all fours again so he can continue racing.

If someone has the video of that, I am sure it would be worth $$$$$, you can sell it to all those extreme sports video shows, it was one heck of a wreck.

I can post up some pics of his teryx tomorrow if I get a chance. It was due for a new chassis after Dan's 18 rollovers :p
wow..looks nasty.. good thing dan is ok.. anybody have anyother pics? i love those wheels he is running..
looks like the trinity paint is still stickn too...:D:D

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