BITD Silver State 300


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Does anyone know how much it costs to rent the IRATRAK? I am trying to budget for the next race and wasn't counting on that. Thanks for any help!
275 lease fee and 375 for the fixation kit... you only have to purchase the fixation kit once. good luck girlie!!!:eek:
Ya you guys coming out to the SS300 that would be cool.

Jessi you coming out to race havent seen ya since Bluewater.:(
We are trying to make it, but the expense is just getting out of control and sponsors are hard to come by. Hope to see you out there!
I know.... we miss you guys too!! cant wait to get back out there... were rebuilding pinky!!! hope to see you guys soon!!! AHHH Bluewater!!! that was a blast!!!:eek::eek:
I'll get to see you guys go this time!

Do you guys start in the morning or after the cars?
Last year we started in the morning with the bikes so I would assume we will start in the morning again. It really makes it nice as the course is not nearly as rough as starting after the cars and trucks.

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