BITD Live Video of TT250(Primm)

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BITD TT250 Live Video Stream!

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Heres a link to live video all weekend of the primm desert race(TT250)....not sure when the utvs run

Primm 250 Live Cam - Tracking International - Land - Air - Sea

Love me some desert racin....:D
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GO UTVUnderground member and SXS Action Magazine editor and my good friend Mike L. who is racing his bad azz Teryx this weekend!!! we are pulling for you buddy!!

Thanks for posting Bryan! I doctored the title up a bit......REP POINTS FOR YOU!!
Pre runner class goes off at 630 am, utv class is next. There are 14 utvs entered, we (Justin) are number 14. Should be a good race, utv class only does 1 lap.
We broke at mile 10. Broken rear knuckle. Ray alcox broke An a arm, fabtech car broke and axle. 1909 broke a shock. That's all I know. Trophy trucks start in 13 min.
I just talked to Lasher. They finished 5th or 6th after getting two flats. Tough luck in such a relatively short distance.

Jagged X was a few behind them with some exhaust problems.

Custom Creations, Holz, Cory and Bi-Polar all finished in the top 5 (not sure of the order).

Mike mentioned that the top finisher may have been DQ'd because his RZR frame was a tube chassis. He couldn't remember who that was at the moment.
Holz was first, Desert Toyz was third, sorry I dont know who was second. Just made it home, Justin broke a gear one rear knuckle at mile 10. He had a flat at mile 2 or 3 and had no spare onboard. The Fabtech sponsored car had broken an axle and stopped. They flagged justin down and offered up thier tire to him. I love BITD. The crowds are great, competitors help each other, just a great atmosphere.
COngrats to all who finished!!! Great job Lasher!!!! Sorry to hear about you guys breaking Court.....
The dust was brutal. Add the early morning sun in your eyes and no wind and you have the makings of a bad day. We hit a huge rock about mile 9 or so and thought we made it with no damage. About mile marker 13 we were doing about 60 with no dust and hit a small rock and all hell broke lose. Broke the lower a-arm bolt and upper ball joint, not sure what went first. Also ripped the CV joint in half. Congratulations to all the finishers.
See you all at Blue Water.
thats what I'm sayin!!!! Lasher is holding out for the magazine so someone needs to give us our fix!!! LOL
Not only do i have pictures, i have a little bit of video too... i will try and get them posted tonight... We are in full teardown mode right now. There is only three weeks until the next race and it was a really brutal course out there so we want to make sure we have our "A Game" for the Blue water race.
hi this is rito from the 1913 rzr first/last place car. that was fun race we started first and finished first. the sun and dust was brutal we passed so many jeeps and stock vehicles as soon as you thought you were in clean air you would catch the next guy.our gps took a dump at the start line our radios sucked we could her other teams on our channel better than we could here ours. Yes the last place part is hard to define but it will handle its self.I would like to thank darrel from High Performance Designs, Inc for the motor and all the advise. jerome for letting me drive. craig from atd for weighing 150lbs and a killer co pilot. Jeff and my dad for the countless hours at my shop building fixing and preping our car thanks to all
Here is a great one i found of the car...

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