Baljoint removal?


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I am new to the site and have a question. I have a Rhino and want to know hpw hard it is to remove the lower balljoint? I have had the spindle ff when replacing wheelbrearings that is not a big deal. But I need to remove the lower ball joint. Do I need to have it pressed out then the new one pressed in? Or can I beat it out? When I put the new one in can I use a floor jack and the weight of the Rhino to press it in. Thanks guys

Im sorry I cant help you with this but wanted to say welcome to the site ! Also we NEED to see pics of your SXS ! :D
I will get some up soon. It is nothing like the sweet rides you guy use for the sand. It is scratched up and rode hard on trailes in the woods, and mudd. I hope to get some UTVUnderground stickers to put on it.
I dont use mine for the sand... I have had mine to glamis once and about to make my first Pismo trip soon. It is all about having fun with what you have. Im sure you will have some stickers soon Joey has A LOT of those around and is willing to hook us members up ! Good luck with the ball joint I dont want to Jack your thread with BSing
I have seen it done at the track by beating the crap out of it, but you should get it pressed in and out makes it a lot easier that fussin with it.
Just get a socket that is just smaller than the diameter of the ball joint and hit it swiftly.....if you plan to put a new ball joint in you can get it out real easy with an air hammer tool.......To get it back in you want to hit the bottom hard but dead on to get it back in....a little lube may help.....

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