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I started this about 8 years ago before every other magazine cover had an orange one on it. I didn't have a descent camera back then so most the pics are a little rough. It was a rusty mess that I was just going to make a driver out of, but when I started working on it I decided to go a lot further than just some paint and a new interior. I ended up replacing almost all of the body except the roof and trunk lid. I did everything in my garage except the upholstery which was done by Craigs Custom Upholstery in Phoenix. Installed a Total Control Products coil over suspension after seeing it on Eleanor in Gone in 60 Seconds. I worked on it for a couple years then ended up moving and not working on it for a while then got bit by the Rhino bug and put it in storage temporarily until I get a bigger garage. I have plans to build a one off aluminum fuel cell that has two chambers. One for pump gas and another for race fuel. Already figured out and purchased all the parts to switch tank to tank from inside. The paint is a custom mix similar to House of Kolors Tangelo. In the sun it has a pearl/metallic shimmer. Link to my page dedicated to my car with additional pics. 66restomod






that is one sweet stang man! i wish i could get a ride in that. i love the old mustangs, what year 68?
Thanks. I just need to get her finished. I had planned on building the motor as a stroker and have already purchased literally everything, but the rotating assy. From the oil pan to the air cleaner. Converted everything over to serpentine billet March performance pulleys. Chrome 1 wire alternator, electric water pump. I even aquired a FORD 9 inch that I plan to shorten and throw a locker in.
Wow Dustin that car is sweet. Just give that one to me & I'll by you another old beat up one so you can start over. :D

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