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Rhino 660 se 2006????I need answers???????I installed A dual exhaust I need to know what jets i need? The main jet and Etc, what size? Lid on or off?? Just the exhaust is as fast as the stocker with a leak?

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Its the wife's or mine.LMAO, No one can give me an answer ?
im running

Pro design foam filter
rhino craft cdi
muzzy dual exhaust
stock for the most part.

Muzzy said leave the lid on, is this right?
I have ZIP experiance with Muzzy, I would go with their recommendations, especially if its the "wifes" car.

Since they claim "Big horse power gains" on their web site I would ask them for a list of mods they did to support this claim.

I know that doesnt give you the specific answers your looking for but I would start with Muzzy.

Or you could just buy a DynaJet jet kit, sheave, weights, & spring and call it good.

Post up what they say
They recomended buying a Jet kit and depending on where you ride is what jet you use.I told him so cal ,NO ANSWERS, They wont tell me what jet to use.

Im calling again RAISING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!He said get the jet kit and do what it says in the directions,depends on altitude.

The rhino is at the mechanics and testing differrent jets,I will post an update in a couple days.

Going with a 170 main ,145 pilot,change shims,adjust needles.I will have results later.
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calm down cowboy,,,

if you are leaving the lid on i would start with a 160 main jet and see how it runs.

no need to adjust needles or mess w the pilot.
Muzzy said just changing the main JET is like a band aide,You have to change the piloit jet as well.

My mechanic gave me the jet info and adjustments.He said run the lid off, we'll just have to wait and see???????????It will be ready in a couple days.
if you really want to make the most power out of that exhaust then you will need a highflow intake like this one...


they are around $200.00 on ebay and make a big difference.
Got it ,But the problem is to much air flow and not enough FUEL!!!!!!


Got it ,But the problem is to much air flow and not enough FUEL!!!!!!



i agree!

for quads; FOAM ONLY!!!

not true for the rhino

trust me i ran a foam filter on the rhino, and the highflow K&N setup is much better.

as far as jetting for fuel is concerned no need to mess around w jets,,, a 170 main should work perfect for a muzzy exhaust and K&N intake setup.

a good aftermarket exhaust without a good air intake setup is a big waste of money imo.:eek:
I am thinking about 175-180 with duals, and yes, Eff foam filters for rhinos

ask Bordhead about sanding his motor :mad:
I think your right 07fj, Getting worked on right now as we type!!Only time can tell.........
If your going to try the 170-180 range make sure you have the stock main or a couple between stock & 170 with you just in case. I didnt (forgot my jet case on the bench) & it made for a long weekend.

Last time I tried a 170 it wouldnt run with the stock air box above 1/4-3/8 throttle w/o blubbering & popping unless it was 50 degrees out or colder at night, too rich.
The set up was as follows, KMS header w/ DMC silencer, no S/A. Billet adapter w/ K&N filter in stock air box, no lid, no engine cover.
Now with the K&N intake it runs nicely w/ a 175, but its a gas hog if I....Im mean my wife drives it hard.
Info. The rhino is still topping out at 49,50.No gain there. Its quicker in mid and top end.Main jet is 170 and I think the pilot jet is 145. No back fire,or poping,thats all in the change of the pilot jet. We'll see how she runs in the dunes.The first Valve Adjustment..
Running with open air box,LID OFF..

LOOKING FOR A SHEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!Whats your thoughts????????
Sheave - KMS

10g and 12g combo weights and Orange spring is waht I am going too. I dont like the Blue Spring and 14g weight set up. I like it in the hard pack for the top end but in the dunes it was a PIG!!

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