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May 4, 2010 - 4130 Clothing sponsored Race team, Forty1Racing headed out to this year's Bilek Silver State 300 - Truck # 7241 with drivers Steven Burke and JR Snodgrass started 10th off the line, and ran a conservative pace all day looking mainly for a finish. The course was in good condition for the Mason Motorsports truck being pretty rough with some very tight technical sections. One section was "overgrown" enough that a tree branch took a good piece out of the fiberglass hood!


With ZERO issue in the pits #7241 was free to run and only stopped once for fuel at pit 4. On the unfortunate side Steven and JR had to pass Brandon Schueler, close friend and driver of the #1919 RZR which had burnt to the ground. But, in the ultimate spirit of racing Brandon waved and cheered Steven and JR on as if nothing happened.

This race was a huge example of the progression of the 7200 class. 1st & 2nd place winners in the 7200 class, came in before the 1st pro-trucks. Being plagued with low visibility and blessed with no mechanical issues #7241 finished 4th in 7200 class, 29th overall, with a finishing time of 6:39:18. Now it's all hands on deck to get ready for the 2010 Vegas to Reno!


Forty1Racing would also like to congratulate its team member Scott Macfarlane owner of #8041. Driving the truck was Rory L'Hommedieu who finished 2nd in 8000 class with a finishing time of 7:47:19

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