#194 Chris Blais HRT RZR


Chris Blais #194 Raced Round 1 of the 2009 SXS Stadium Series / M4SX and even though he didnt make the podium he still was one of the most impressive racers in my mind. Blais was a well accomplished motorcycle racer, Red Bull Sponsored, KTM Factory Rider. Last August he was injured in an accident while pre running for the Vegas To Reno race and that accident caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down. I followed his story through RDC and even though I did not know him I felt deeply for the fellow desert enthusiast.

Being the racer he is and still haveing the most important thing a racer needs, HEART, Chris persevered and found a new way to compete in off road in the form of an HRT built Polaris RZR.

We cant wait to see more from Chris this year in both short track and in the desert and you better believe he will have full support of the UTVUnderground. Not just because of the injury he recieved but because of the insperation he shares with all of us that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. If Chris's machine can get dialed to his likeing for the short track then watch out. It is proven that motorcyclists can really do work in 4 wheel vehicles because they see lines that us 4 wheel guys dont always recognize!

Good Luck Chris Blais! Now go win some races!!!



You can find some cool stuff here on Chris at RDC.....
Chris Blaise update/progress? - Page 2 - race-dezert.com
Thanks for posting this up Joey. I was not aware of the accident last fall, but the comeback is looking good.

Good Luck Chris!
Chris is a inspiration to us all I one day would like the oppurtunity to sit and share a cold one with him.
Chris & Patty are really great people and Im glad we have them on board at M4SX. He needs some UNDERGROUND decals on that car though, Ill shoot him an email.
I have known Chris since we were kids and have seen him ride and race his dirt bikes and seen the fun he has out there when he was on his bike. We lost touch for along period of time and didn't talk through his on going stuggle that he is still is currently fighting. I can say it put a smile on my face to see him in his razor and talk to him about what he has been goin thru and what he wants to do.

I was talking to him about racing in the short courses and he says that he had a lot of tuning and parts to get before he can run and keep up there with everyone. He said it was hard to turn and use his hand controls at the same time. I told him that he should get power steering to make it easier to control but he said he couldn't afford it so he is going to work on his upper body to make it easier to steer and control his razor. To me that's a person that will never give up on what he loves racing, no matter what he has to go up against he will find a way to keep going

Hey Joey you said UTVunderground has his back, why don't we try to get some donations together and try to help him get his razor set-up and easier to drive. Just a thought I know times are bad for a lot of us, but think if everyone thru in what they can it would show him that WE (UTVunderground and the fellow offroad junkies) are still standing behind him JUST A THOUGHT ! What do you guys say ?????
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I am game......I think its time that we real in a new Power Steering Manufacturer Sponsor!!!!
I dont dont really know how to go about doing this but I fig. I would throw it out and see what we as an offroad family can do for him. Any ideas on trying to make this happ guys ?

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