WORCS RACE - Glen Helen 9/25


Anyone planning on racing the WORCS race at Glen Helen on September 25th? I want to race it but don't want to be the only Rhino out there.
Sounds good. looks like I am going to be racing. I will do my best to go out and take down a rzr. I have a fresh motor and my car is light so I think I have a fighting chance.
Here it is. I will take some tonight with the body off. The back turned out pretty cool. Wanted a small light short course car.



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A word to the wise.....about Glen Helen and UTVs! I have had the fortune of racing a side x side at GH quite a few times - be ready to hold that wheel!! If they run you guys on the same track as the quads, there will be some DEEP ruts to contend with - these ruts will grab your rig and put you where they want you! Sort of like Mesquite, but worse! If you don't hang on tight and really pay attention, you can snap some parts!

I hope they run you up the big hills - nothing quite like jumping off the top of Mt St Helens and gassing it to the bottom! :)
Im tossing up the BITD Silver State 300 or WORCS that weekend. Still need some points to finish off the WORCS season but Id like to get my first 300+ mile race in this year also...
Oh Great, That is just what I wanted to hear. I already had my hands and wrists blown apart at Elsinore Grand Prix. I need to figure out a way to run a charlynn power steering unit.
I didn't post that to scare anyone....as long as you know some of the tight, rutted corners can rip the wheel out of your hands, it's not bad....just slow down for them! Not too slow, or you will lose momentum....but balls out isn't good either - I learned that the hard way - lol!:)

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