WORCS Lake Havasu Video by Enrico Pavia


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Big shout out to Enrico Pavia for making the video!
I've always wanted to race that race. Looks like a ton of fun! Seems like something always falls the same weekend though.
Did Jeff pay to have that movie made?!

Its usually spring break weekend in March... 3rd week of March I think.

Didnt even see me in it once!
I was at that race as a spectator. That course is definitly a test of man and machine. The ruts are deep, the jumps are big, the hills are huge and the track is just plain bruttle but fun. I think out of the 35 or so buggies that started only half of them actuaully finished. There was buggies littering the track every where from rollovers to broken wrists to broken a-arms and broken steering racks. My daughters boyfreind was driving the green prowler in the video. He worked on that thing for a week all the way up to the start of the race. This was his first race ever and he was holding third overall untill the last lap when the buggy gave up and couldn't go no farther. When we got it on the trailer we started to inspect the damage four broken axles, a broken hub and and I think every a-arm was bent. But I can say it was a lot of good laughs over dinner, talking about his first race and the course. And to this day the prowler still sets in the back yard as a reminder of his first race.With the plans of someday putting back together.

Good times in Havasu
We were there. I was in the very first part of the video. It was extremely tight and it was before Billet King sponsored me a new steering box. I had to 3 point turn the some of the turns at the finish line! It was tough, but my Rhino is tough too. We ended up finishing 4th. My husband Eric rolled the Teryx at the first corner and broke his arm. No one told me the end of the race. Luckily my friends at the Havasu ER took great care of him til I could get there. See you all at the next one!!!

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