George Hammel - Lucas Oil Off-Road AZ-Regional Round 2 VIDEO


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Cool Video!! I saw your Supercuts car out in AZ and it looked good. I also shattered some vertebrae and have similar looking hardware from my T10-T12. I know the pain involved but I didn't damage my spinal cord, so I couldn't imagine how much rehab you've gone through. Stoked to see you're back out racing in the regionals!
Nice work!!! Might be able to help you with your gas pedal problem. We have a full size floor mounted gas pedal that gives a huge platform, better leverage and throttle control. Comes with a filler plate to cover the heel well. Check it out on our site. Let us know if you would like to try it.
Thanks Kilgore23! Glad you didn't have any spinal cord damage from your injury. If you are around at any other races this season stop by!

dmcmark, I checked out your product and it looks great! Since we have moved the pedal from the stock position to the left about 2-4 inches so that I am not at such a big angle in the seat, I am not sure it will work, but I am always looking for improvements in the cockpit to help. I would love to chat a bit more about different adaptations that you have seen your product help with and pick your brain on how it can help in my case too.
Very inspirational to see you keep pushing forward after that injury George! I wear a carbon fiber afo on my right leg to combat foot drop that I received from a horrible break of my tibial plateau. I tore the peroneal nerve in my right leg and had no ability to lift my foot. The past summer I had a tendon transfer where they used a tendon that attaches to my calf muscle and anchored it with a screw into the bone in my foot. Now I flex my calf muscle to lift my right foot. Not 100% like it used to be, but it was a rob from peter to pay paul surgery since a torn nerve will never heal. I don't wear my afo except for when a lot of walking is involved, but if you don't mind me asking what brand braces are you sporting? They look like they provide some ankle support which I do not have after the tendon transfer. Best of luck and with age comes a cage!
Thanks FullTiltLunatic!

Thats aweseome that you are still progressing as well! I love to hear and see the never give up attitude!

The AFO braces that I use are called Phat Braces (I know the name is not the greatest) and they are made by a company called Bio Mechanical, you can get more info here:

I have an orthotics company in my city called Hanger that gets the molds and fits me, then they send it off to Bio Mechanical for production. Both companies have helped me a ton and I owe them a lot for getting me vertical :)

If you give Agnes Curren a call at Bio Mechanical please tell them George Hammel from Tucson referred ya.
Here is her info:
(515) 554-6132 x100

I have shown a ton of people these braces and every person that has gone through the process and uses them now, loves them!!!

I am happy to help more if you need anything, feel free to hit me up at my website or
Great story George! Its great to see hard work pay off. I noticed the new car at the races but never saw you in the pits but I will try to look you up at Elsinore. Good luck.

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