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Hey guys,

Well, this race ended rather quickly for us with a flat tire around mile 4.5, along with one of our friends Justin breaking his tie rod and getting a flat tire, as well. I started 5th in 30 second intervals, and unfortunately 2 of the cars took the wrong turn, so I was in 3rd place and about to pass #1 and #2 when it blew. :( Here's the video:

[ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cEofBuZUzQ[/ame] Click "Watch in High Quality" in the bottom right of the video.

Stay tuned, because I'm going to post some pics later...

I don't have the official results, unfortunately. I'm sure someone will post up, though. Run Forest, I mean Justin, Run! :)

1st place: Branden Sims (NAATV) Prescott Valley
2nd place: Jake Carver (NAATV sponsored) Prescott Valley
3rd place: B&A Rhino
Well this year seems to be a better year for me 2nd race of the Whiplash season and 2nd win in a row.. I had a blast this time around on the Wick track. Once again i missed a turn where there were no signs telling you where to go. Everything was going great till the middle of the second lap where i broke a right rear axle shaft.... I decided that i had no choice but to continue on. Obviosly i did that pretty well seeing that i was still passing people. On the 3rd and final lap i took the overall lead all the way to the finish and actually set my fastest time with a broken axle. I took 1st in promod and overall. I want to say thank you to Northern Az Atv & Off-Road for being the ones to help me take the win!!!!

Congrats to Jacob Carver for 2nd place in his NAATV sponsored Rhino

Congrats to everyone else that came out and finished the track
Right on, congrats NAATV!!! Thanks for posting!! Keep up the good work!! We will for sure be out at the WHiplash SNowflake race agin this year!!!

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