All UTV's Weight Distribution and Bias


I was wondering what everyones input is on this subject. What are you guys shooting for as far as front to rear and even side to side. I have herd some people say as close to 50/50 as possible but I dont think its always that easy. From my circle track days I know what we were shooting for but thats all out the window with a build of this kind.

There is a ton of ways to answer this, so here's what I think. First, what is the intent of the build? plinkin around, dersert racin, short course, rock crawling? now that you have a specific build in mind, what are the rules? BITD, LOORS, KOH. Now you can plattform off of that. What brand do you intend to use? Rhino's. Terex, Ranger they are fairly well balanced. RZR's ( I love em but) are rear weight biased bad. They all potentially work really well, they just have their own qualities in setting them up. In the desert series, you'll sett up as close to nuetral bias as possible front to rear and side to side as you normally carry a navigator. Short course your going to be compensating for driver side weight.IE preloading your springs to make the car beleive that there is even weight right to left. Short course you may also want a little more weight towards the front. Short straights and lots of turns with limited HP, you will want to steer, and be able to spin the rear tires a little easier so you can drift a bit through the corners.
Rock crawlin you want a lower center of gravity, but with lower speeds your not as concerned with front to back bias just that its toward the center. fully between the wheels.
This is just one of many, I'm sure points of veiw, but I hope this helps.

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