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What’s going on Ladies & Gents? My Name is Landon, I work for VIAIR Corporation. We are A 12/24v DC Air Compressor Company. I thought since I was into UTVs I would Join & Sponsor the site to give a hand & answer any questions for those interested in our OBA (On Board Air Systems) on there truck or Now even UTVs. Take a look at our portables as well. (I will say I'm pretty well versed in 12v wiring so if you have any questions fill free to ask)

I myself have a rhino, & from time to time...I will need some help as well. So please be Thank you,

Landon List
Business Development Specialist
VIAIR Corporation
t: 949-585-0011 x114
f: 949-585-0188
w: VIAIR - 12 volt and 24 volt Air Compressors
We are super pumped to have Viair on board! Compressors are often overlooked, you never know how clutch they are to have until you pop a bead or need to put air in a tire. The Viair pricing is super inexpensive as well!! Magnum Offroad is your source to purchase your Viair products!! Keep you eyes peeled for Viair field tests and product installs soon!
I've got their 440p portable and i love it. Truck, tractor, quad, utv tires it does it all.

The 440p Portable is a Great Compressor. I'm glad to see our product being use by members already.:D
i've been running your 450 compressors on my mini truck for about 9 years now. i've never had a problem, and plan get another one of your compressors to run in Baja next year. great products!

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