Vegas to Reno - The Long Way

I truly wish I could have run it. I dont even have enough friends to help me pit though. It takes some seriously dedicated people to run this race in a UTV.
well Jon, if you're going to follow me i better go then.

We're off to Barstow in a little bit to go shake the car down. If everything goes well all we have to do is wipe her down and load her back in the trailer.

This race promises to be a true adventure and i'm sure it will have it's challenges along the way. The winner of this will be an Iron Man!!! The longest distance ever raced in a UTV. That would be an awesome title to have under my belt.
Hope everything goes well in Barstow Mike! See you in Henderson on Wednesday.

I see 9 UTVs signed up - 4 RZRs, 2 Prowlers, 2 Rhinos and 1 Teryx. Can't believe that Lasher is the only team racing a Teryx?!
A sneak peak of Lasher's Teryx. I see a few new goodies there Mike. Looking good!


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Jon that is awesome you are going to post updates! cant wait to see them... GOod luck mike your team will be awesome... you have a great car!!! go kawasaki!!! good luck to everyone out there.. and be SAFE!!!:eek:
Thanks for all the well wishes guys! We're ready! The car is done and the trailer is packed and we hit the road at 10am tomorrow. We're gonna stop in barstow again on the way by and put a couple of miles on the car again... We've adjusted a couple of things and want to make sure we're ready to rock and roll.

Thanks Jon for following us during the race and keeping everyone updated.

i'll try and hop on each night and download our progress, but can't guaranty anything.
hi this is rito from the 1913 rzr we will not make this historical event "most likely the last time 1000 miles will be ran in the desert on american soil" I hope everyone makes it to the end it will make the points for the year interesting. Everyone can watch there progress on the IRC. I beleive you go through the bitd web site and they will have an icon to get on the web site.
good luck to everyone racing it!
wish we could be racing ha
ill be waiting for those updates! :D
Crowdog your the man!! I will be monitoring the IRC tracker keeping you guys updated!! Race Hard and come home SAFE!
Mike and crew are just doing a couple of the last minute small details, and then stuffing the Teryx in the trailer. A few of us are headed to Beatty to get a spot and the rest will follow after the driver's meeting.


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Man that new Flat paint scheme that Wally laid down sure does look awesome!! Keep us up to date! Go get em Mike, and good luck to all the UTV's running! This is a HUGE race!

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