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Ok guys – I thought I might want to help out some fellow forum members.

Valentines Day is coming up and we all know that our wives and girlfriends LOVE getting flowers.
But maybe she might be tried of just getting the same old set of cheap flowers each and every year bought from the grocery store. Give a set of flowers that actually come for the heart with a message. I’m not talking about a custom personalize card but custom personalize Roses!!!

These flowers are so awesome guys. You can choose from an assortment of classic messages or customize your own message and they will be embossed directly onto the roses.

My friend/co-worker is the one that owns this floral company that is like no other.

I’m not trying to spam or anything like that. I’m not affiliated with him- just talked to him to see if he would be willing to give a discount to some of my friends on the forum and he agreed. So I’m not trying to advertise just wanting to hook you guys up.

Just trying to help out you guys with getting some extra brownie points with your loved one. Going that extra mile saying that you love them. Helps with future investments on the Rhino!! lol

Type in KSMITH84 –(not KJSMITH84) in the discount field to receive your 10% off forum member’s discount.

****All Roses are red long stem(around 30 inches) and will be embossed with a mix of silver and gold writing. ****

Valentines Day mixes –

12 Valentines - I love you
Mixed with 6- Happy Valentines Day and 6- I Love You

18 Valentines - I love you - Be Mine
Mixed with 6- Happy Valentines Day, 6- I Love You, and 6- Be Mine.

Or if you just want one message then choose from any of the classic messages or customize your own message.



If you have any questions send me a PM or call the # on the website.

and yes he ships to Cali boys!!

yeah- got get them something every once in a while to keep them happy.

wait a sec here i thought you claim you never buy girls anything, now you say you buy her things? sounds like somebody is getting kitty whipped Lol
one more day to get your orders in boys. I can bring some to glamis friday night if anyone wants me too aswell.

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