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Courtesy of BRC and Utah Shared Access Alliance… your attendance is urgently requested for this meeting.

Do you love the San Rafael in south eastern Utah? Your access to this place could be seriously jeopardized if you don’t get involved NOW. This precious area will be discussed in an upcoming meeting to determine how the public may access it in the future. You’ll remember the bill that Senator Bennett ran for Washington County. This bill ended up not nearly as beneficial for our community as originally envisioned. Some have liked it others have claimed it was a “Wilderness Bill.†Call it whatever you like. Emery County has decided to do something similar. The hope is that by bringing all parties to the table a compromise can be reached that allows for access and resolves the debate over wilderness. We are approaching this very cautiously. USA-ALL was intentionally left out of the Washington County bill. That will not happen with Emery County. We have been in engaged in this particular issue for many months now. But our influence only goes so far. It is participation by the public that will make all the difference in the world. We encourage all to read the notice below and then take the time to participate in this meeting. At the last meeting there was a mere handful of people there. SURELY more folks care about this iconic area. Spread the word and get there. Lets show Emery County how much we care about this place.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Travel and
Transportation subcommittee of the Emery County Public
Lands Council will hold a public meeting to gather information
from the public and industry on the current and future potential
of the San Rafael Swell and other area within Emery County.
The information will be used to develop a comprehensive land
use plan, including possible wilderness designation. The
information will also be used to rewrite Emery County’s
General Plan. Public involvement in this process is encouraged.
The public meeting will be held August 12, in the Emery County
Courthouse, 75 East Main, Castle Dale, Utah at 7:00 PM.

If you have specific questions about the public process you may call Ray Petersen, Emery County’s Public Lands Director at (435) 381-5552.

You can also visit their website at Public Lands.

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