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I have had hundreds of people ask "What tools should I carry in my UTV?" In most cases tools are incomplete, they get lost, destroyed, etc. Now Assault Industries has come up with the perfect solution for UTV enthusiasts, The Assault Industries On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit.

The Assault Industries On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit is an ultra-high-end portable tool kit for UTV enthusiasts, packed full of the most commonly used tools for making repairs on the trail or in the garage. This Simple and lightweight 62-piece kit includes hand-selected tools used most often in the shop and on outings. The no-noise durable nylon pouch can be mounted or stored securely inside the vehicle and doesn't make a sound even when on bumpy off-road rides. Don't get stuck unprepared! Assault Industries gives you all the tools you need to keep riding. The Assault Industries On-The-Go Tool Kit is available at finer off-road and UTV shops or directly online at

UTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.1.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.4.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.2.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.3.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.5.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.6.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.8.1.jpgMike_cafro_UTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.1.1.jpgUTV_On-The-Go Tool Kit Still_1.7.1.jpg


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