The begining of the end??


Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
for a couple of short course promoters at the premier level? or for short course in general? and the season hasnt even begun.

Interesting read if your into CORR style racing and its future for 2009.
10 minute read, Im a slow reader.

Click HERE
SO CORR is looking done, but the RJGP is lookin good right? M4SX is lookin good right?

My .02, if RJORGP flys the way it sounds like it might with all the drivers behind it then it wouldnt suprise me if the UTV's were shown the door along with some of the other amateure classes like they were with the Vanillo series.

That means, M4SX would be the only game in town UTV wise, not that thats a bad thing, after reading the changes Ken & Travis are making to this years program we're excited they're sticking it out. It would have been easy to fold citing economic reasons but insted, they lower the cost to the racers.

Thats dedication.
That just means you will have to step it up to the desert races Doug!!!! LOL Nah I hope that doesnt happen!

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