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Hey Guys,
just wanted to say that was such a fun race... we had a blast.
We were 4th in the draw order... we left the line 2 cars every 30 seconds. We grabbed 3rd right away off the line and caught the rhino in front of us at the bridge. He took a while to pass. As for 1913 The green RZR that left 1st wow... we never even saw his dust!! He was super fast....
I have never been in so many kinds of terrians. The dust was terrible at times I could hardly even see my front bumper. We still managed to press 40 mph with no visibility.. And then the sun comming up glaring in our eyes... WOW!!! but we made it through.. somewhere around mile 20 we got passed the rhino and then 1919 flew by shortly after. By pit 1 we managed to grab 2nd place and then got passed by 2 RZR's in the pit when we stopped for gas. One of which was Holz racing. We ran into a lot of congestion just passed the pits, it's nasty whoops caused major gridlock. We zommed out of there as fast as we could. From then on it was smooth sailing just taking the desert as it was handed to us. My co-driver was awesome she did a great job and kept us focused on finishing the race. We passed Jeep Speeds and trucks that was kinda fun!!!my favorite part was opening up on the dry lake bed... we had the car pinned at 65 mph for almost 3 minutes. That was fun. From there on the course was a piece of cake and then ended in a short course style track back over the bridge and onto the finish... seeing the finish line was absolutely amazing. Then we got to pull up on the podium and talk to the BITD announcer that was way fun!!! All in all it was a great experience.. we were so happy with 3rd place. The next morning we found out we were givin 2nd due to a penalty on the first place car... he deserves recongnition. his car was amazingly fast and he earned it with excellent driving!!! 1st Place!!!
I want to thank everyone who got us out there and especially my husband for building such an awesome car!!!
all of our friends and family who pit and worked long late nights to get us here. Thank You!!
I must say everyone at the race has been so great thank you to Mike Lasher for offering us spare parts in case we needed them, since we were the only 2 Kawasaki's. We appreciate it.
And Cory Sappington for teching the car and giving us some great tips, knowing we are new to the sport. All the information is greatly appreciated. Everyone we met was so nice and welcoming us to race.... Thanks

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Way to go.

Congrats. Its not easy to finish let alone on the podium.
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Right on Jessi!! COngrats to you and your whole team and way to go Lasher and Sappington for stepping up and offering advice and parts!!!!
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