SxS Precious Smiles Ride is official


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Hey everyone, I've been honored with being an event coordinator for the first time . This is'nt your normal charity ride . Volunteers / drivers are actually going to give Phisically challenged and special needs children rides in our machines on a closed course. I'm quite COMPUTER CHALLENGED , so if you would like a copy of the flyer , please e-mail me and I will add it as an attachment to a reply . ( r n m ) (spaced to read easier )
The ride host is Mines & Meadows ATV / RV Resort in Wampum , Pennsylvania . (Mines and Meadows Home ATV UTV dirt bike quad riding trail trails safety mine underground pa camping RV resort membership gift rental ) DATE : June 6 , 2010 10am - ??? . I'm asking if volunteer drivers please RSVP me by e-mail so I can get an idea how many drivers will be attending for the amount of children 50 - 200 the agencies are telling me to expect . My understanding is this type of event has never been attempted before , so I'm hoping for a good turnout from our UTV forum communities. There seems to be alot of interest from other forum members , so hopefully we'll have a good showing of drivers . I'm currently concentrating on simple entertainment for the children while they wait for their ride . If anyone knows of an entertainer willing to donate their time for the children , please let me know . I'll keep you updated as I get more information .

Thanks , Rick. :)
This sounds like an awesome event! You are going to make alot of kids happy!

Thanks 66 . I'm just the 1 driver , it's ALL the other volunteers helping that will make this a success . There are quite a few others members walking me through this coordinator stuff . But , it's all going to be worth it to make a childs day . ;)
wow super awesome.. wish I was close I would love to help with your event... Best of luck... you rock!:eek:
Great event. Good luck. Too bad you weren't closer. There are a lot of giving people in So-Cal & Arizona. Also some very cool rides.
Great event. Good luck. Too bad you weren't closer. There are a lot of giving people in So-Cal & Arizona. Also some very cool rides.

Sure wish alot of you guys were closer. I've seen some of the rides you guys build , very cool ! I'm hoping some of our Tri-state area guys pull together and help make this a day the children will remember for a long time.
Still trying to aquire a large tent to protect the children , but have a couple contacts that should pan out ' one way or another. Eat-N-Park gave the OK for donating a bunch of cookies for the kids and we'll have the Cool Cookie & Logo on the T-shirts for the participants. Headed down there today to speak with a few businesses & churches for food . I'll keep you all updated as thing come together .

Rick. :D
Checked out the event area today , seem to be drying out and greening up realnice. caught some guys headed to the limestone mine tour.......


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A couple more ........


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Finally outsmarted the computer :D Here is the flyer.


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