spody3 rolls at dunes


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spody3 rolled his rhino while coming back to camp after taking a duse out in the weeds he caught a bad line and hit a jeep hole on the down hill side. Then there he went 1 1/2 times cage held up no tweeks or nothing well anyways I winched her back over and continued to ride and party. here are a few pics . oh yeah he laid it on its side a couple hours later and i came down the road a few seconds later and him and his passenger were laughing so hard they couldn't get out once again I helped flip him over. maybe a spody3 will chime in and let you guys know what he was thinking and why.


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im glad clintourass decided to post up some good info finally. it was a wild ride. went out and dropped a duece off and found a bad line. ended up rollin it over. later that night me and a buddy were doin about 50mph on a road and he said "take a right" so i did. hooked the front tire and it was on again. well it held together and we drank an unhuminally amount of beer. the dunes were EPIC. so SULLY427 thanks for the blackmail. dont let the lady find out!!!
the first roll over was no beer included. just happy to be in the dunes.
hey guys anyone got some used suspension for a guy like spody3 I getting sick of watching him try to keep with the Lt red rider. he punishes that poor rhino. somebodys got to have something laying in there garage that they need to get rid of.

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