Sierra National Forest DEIS - Public Comment Period Extension Needed!

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Public Comment Period Extension Needed

I know everyone has been very busy going out in this really nice weather and
playing with all of your toys, but we need your help in getting an extension
to the Public Comment Deadline.

This deadline is fast approaching and the Forest Service tells us that the bulk of the data the Stewards has requested
to help formulate substantive comments on your behalf will not be available till at least June 19, 2009.

This will leave only 10 days to for us to make comments on your behalf to help keep open what we all so love and enjoy.

Please take a moment to type a quick note asking that the deadline be
EXTENDED TO JULY 30, 2009 and send it off to the following e-mail addresses:

Please tell all of your friends to do the same and let's flood them with
requests till they extend the deadline.

Mike Wubbels
Executive Director
(831) 801-1111
My Note

Subject: Sierra National Forest DEIS

Dear Forest Planners and Managers,

I am writing today to ask that you please grant a reasonable extension to the Public Comment deadline for the Sierra National Forest’s DEIS. I believe that an extension to July 30, 2009 is reasonable and respectfully ask that you give my request due consideration.


My name, address, city, state, phone number and email address went here . . .
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