SidexSide Action SHOOTOUT at the PIT PARTY!



Side X Side Action Magazine teams with and comes to the 5th Round of the Side X Side Nationals and Pit Party

6/14/09 By: Mike Lasher Editor In Cheif SideXSide Action

That’s right, you read the title correctly. We will be actively involved in the next round of the Side X Side Stadium Series. PGI Media has teamed up with the UTVUnderground and M4SX to bring you a first hand behind the scenes experience of what a magazine shoot out looks like.

In our office for the last couple of months there has been quite the controversy over who is the fastest driver and what the best Sport Side X Side is. Three of our staff members, me included, are all racers and think that our stuff doesn’t stink. Nick (da boss) co-drives for Vince Dejong in his Monster Manx Class 1 car. Casey (The New Guy) is flat out fast on a quad. Not to mention that he weighs 100 lbs less than the other two fat guys… Me (Mike L) I drive the Pro Armor Kawasaki Teryx in the Best in the Desert series.

So, to put the age-old debate of who’s faster to bed, and put our money where our mouth is, we decided that we needed to race. There was no better place than the SXS Nationals and UTVUnderground Pit Party. So it’s set, We will be racing the Polaris RZR S, Kawasaki Teryx, and Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 on the same course that the Pro Side X Sides compete in during intermission between the races. These three vehicles are completely bone stock just as they would come off of the showroom floor.

As much as this competition is for bragging rights around the office, it’s also a huge editorial piece for an upcoming issue of Side X Side Action Magazine. You will have a first hand experience to witness the battle of the editors and see what goes into putting editorial together for the magazine.

Come out June 19-20 to the Side X Side Nationals enjoy the party in the pits Friday night and watch us get our practice in and stay for the racing action on Saturday night under the lights to see us compete head to head for the fastest editor title.

For more info visit:
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i can't wait to see what everyone has to say....

Let's get the bets started!!!!
I think the Teryx will win based on driver but you never know!! SHould be funny to watch these guys rip these stock cars around! Dont let me down Lasher!!!!! hahahah
I think the Teryx will win based on driver but you never know!! SHould be funny to watch these guys rip these stock cars around! Dont let me down Lasher!!!!! hahahah

Good thing the other fat guy is in the RZR S and not the skinny guy...

Does anyone think the Prowler 1000 will be any competition.
I'd have to say...if these are all TRULY butt-stock....the RZRS will take it (with a good driver) - just because with it's wider stance and better suspension, it will be able to handle the course at speed better. Plus, it's an 800..... I call the Teryx second (not a 800, but a good handling machine, none-the-less), and the Prowler last.

Good luck to all of you guys!!

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