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So we are setting up our 450 as a race rhino for me and Seth the other worker at Rugged to race in as many races as we can. We are doing some planning on things and are for sure going to run a fuel cell, so we were discussing dropping the seats down.... looks like they can go almost 12"!?! Then wtf... can you see over the stock dash or does that need to come out? Anyone have any pics of race rhinos with the seats lowered?

We were crawling all over the Fabtech race rhino earlier today, we had it at the shop and they kept seats at stock height and it looked pretty good, but we all know lower is better.

What say UTVUG?
Chop it and drop...depends on how low you want to go...Magnums Milk Truck sats are 4" off the gorund and his visability is hindered slightly due to it.....You really need to lower the dash......BlackSheep here didnt go quite as low and he sees over the hood with no problem....The Orange Rotax is LOW but they see really good because dash is chopped and hood is laying flat.......The Porkers Race Rhino sat low, I want to say 4-5" off the floor, retained the dash and stock floor boards but still looked chopped.......

You guys got some work to decide how low you want to go.....but I say GO LOW as you can...Kayla smith sits like 1" off the floor, her car is STRAIT CHOPPED!! Handles insane!!

My car although not full race will sit 4-5" off the floor, dash chopped and flat hood for maximum visability!

Kaylas Car


Kaylas before new hood and paint

Kaylas car on left...SDR Teryx on right...that sucker is LOW!!

SDR Teryx


Porkers Race Rhino


Sorry, I guess I didnt help Much......Danny and Rusty5150 can elaborate as can C&C Rhino and a host of others!!!! LOL
SICK, cant wait till drop mine. im thinking like 6'' off the floor. like the black sheeps. bad ass cars man.
If your are planing on using it as a race machine I would go low. My step dads car is about 5 inches off the floor....It feels solid when railing corners...but in the dunes I cant stand driving it. I would definatly built it for the type of use its gonna see.
i would for sure build it to what its for, my rhino is awesome to race shortcourse, while in glamis or the desert its a little more about making sure your looking way ahead.. car is the third one in with code rhaders car and john pacheco's in the front


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my seats are right on the floor , when i get the seats in i will post some pix . alot of nice looking low rhinos here :D:D
our yellow cars seats were at most an inch off the deck. and they are not suspension seats, we run tub seats, so you physically sit 3-5" lower than a suspension seat. and accordingly the hood is lower with a flat aluminum dash. like james said build it for what its mainly gonna be for. build it safe, but light as possible.
my seat is tabbed outside and the frame is tapped on the inside, kinda sketchy but their strong, and definently try to keep the car light mine weighs more than most the newer cars..

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