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So I've finally got my steering issues close to figured out and was able to finally take out my rzr the last two days to have some real fun. We took it out to Jean/Primm right outside of Las Vegas and did a lot of driving on the course they race on. There are quite a few sections of pretty big whoops, sand washes and all that. I noticed that especially doing through these sections of whoops (especially tall ones), the back end bucks up a lot. Almost went end over end more than once haha. Is this just the nature of the beast with having such a short wheelbase? Or can I mess with some rebound settings to calm that back end down? My suspension settings are stock for now. I saw that the stock shocks dont have any rebound adjusters, so would we have to open up the shocks and change the valving? Or would this be a waste of time?
Also the shocks would get super soft and spongey after only about 25 minutes of decent riding. They bottom out a lot more and the car feels way different (really soft). We didnt have a flat head with us to tighten the compression, so I'll play with that tomorrow. Is this where the shocks just get too hot and fade? Or is this a good time when they are "warmed up" and a good time to play with the clickers? It just seems like it get worse and worse so I'm just worried the shocks are over heating and there's not much I can do. Seems crazy that they would fade that fast, or we just beat the machine too hard? haha

RZR's do buck a bit, its not the wheel base, it's the weight placement more than anything. The small bodied shocks don't have enough cooling surface to keep from fading. Just so you nderstand "fade" stems from the oil expanding while hot overcomes the nitrogen charge pressure.
Slowing rebound will help some, going to a little higher rate spring will help a little more.
take your time and work out 1 aspect of the suspension at a time.
Good Luck
Give Steve Chase from Makin Trax Suspension a call he has come up with a progressive coil that works really well, I have also herd that he can revalve your stock shocks and that will also make a big difference He has helped me out a lot! 951-782-1479

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