rzr 170 build


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Hey guys! check out my new project and tell me what you think!
Need to start a new race class.

09' rzr 170, long travel (13"), custom cage (1 ft lower than stock).

That is awsome. I think this is a better option than a Tropky Kart if you are jusr running around the desert.
I have seen this over on RF. Very nice, can't wait til mine is old enough for something like this.

Great Job!
looks great. how do those little rzr's run?

It runs okay. They are a little slow, tops out about 30mph. Eventually i will probably do a sport quad engine swap with something like a ltr450 engine. Then it will be crazy!!!!:eek:
I cant wait to get my hands on one! I already tried to buy one but the dealership wanted like $5200 OTD.I am hoping to get it for around $4500 tops!
I bet it does donuts around your Rhino.......... thats why you never went to Glamis this year isn't it? Always making excuses just cause you thought your kid was going to show dad up. LMAO

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