Rhino RX1 1000 Snowmodile motor


Check it........

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Pretty cool.....looks fast. I wonder if you could hit a roller at the dunes and get it to wheelie
Pretty cool.....looks fast. I wonder if you could hit a roller at the dunes and get it to wheelie

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z45XlKnycE]YouTube - C Moore Off Road Laeger Built Rhino Riding Wheelies[/ame]
Just like that...not everyone is as cool as GregC and can just gas it to stand it up
So Yamaha has the clutch and trans system already worked out using the R1 in snow mobiles? Were have I been. I thought guys were hobbling together thier own R1 stuff with street bike trans'.

Belt drive R1... What a concept. I'll eat crow now with my comments in the other thread. Maybe we will see a Factory R1 Rhino? The components are already there...

I think were in the dark over here in off-road land.

Yamaha has a whole belt drive engine line up for their snowmobiles that could be swapped into existing Race Rhino Chassis. The 150HP R1 power plants may be a bit much?
not a bad deal. so for 4-5k you could have a complete sled then sell the rhino motor for $2500 and you will only have 3k or so with misc parts and pieces needed.

how do you thik the rhino rear diff would hold up? what about front wheel drive?
You see that guy at the end hot rodding it? No restraints.
I heard the stock diffs on a rhino are good for up to 150hp?

What would the stock diff mater if you did the RX-1 swap? theyve got a RPM Diff with the secondary sheave mounted directly to it....

The stock diffs would be on eBay makin some extra cash!!!

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