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What up all...Newest member to the underground.

What are you all doing to stop the grinding from the rear brake of the 660 rhino. My 07 started grinding my second trip... :mad:

Are you all running aftermarket pads? Doing something else? Any ideas what causes the grinding? TIA.
That noise is inherant...I have resorted to applying WD-40 to the caliper every other trip...seems to help........
lol. I used wd40 as well. Just picked up this oversized rotor and caliper bracket from Unleashed. I'm thinking this might be a cure!

Dont quote me on this, but I think they're $170 give or take. This is either going to amplify the grinding noise, or cure it. We'll see! Either way, it will provide better rear braking for sure.
Super Sick!! Have you seen those Brembro disc break kits for the Rhinos?? Super sick but I think they run aorund a G!
mine started grinding from running it at some point with the "E" brake on. Replaced the pads, and has been quiet ever since.
Thank for the feedback. Just doesn't feel right to add wd40 to the brakes :eek: but if you all are still alive...I'll give it shot. :D

Are you all still running factory brake pads?
I try to stay off the brake...LOL......mine have always had that grinding noise the rotor dosent look bad....:confused:
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My noise comes and goes but is gone more often than not. That oversized set up looks like the shiznit. I can tell you on the lake bed at 60 they dont stop too well.:eek:
i wanna know how the oversized set-up works also so let us know.

also how much work was it to install it? take off drive shafts?
The rear brake noise is due to the location of the rear brake. That simple.
The cure for it is to put the rear brake in a different location. The noise is inherent to the design, and not just the Rhino. The Yamaha Grizzly, and the Honda Rincon ATVs have the same issue.
because the rear brake is located between moving parts, the transmission and the rear end, CVs, and axles, there is "lash" between parts on both sides of the brake. When braking, a harmonic is created when the lash is taken up and released, over and over again, on either side of the brake.
The noise is subject to amplification if the rotor and pads are in poor condition. However, the noise is likely to occur at some point.

I used to be an ATV Test Engineer at Honda. I have had many discussions with engineers who specialize in brakes who have educated me on this subject.
Hope the explanation helps.
Brian, that is f'in sweet. Have you had a chance to test it out yet?

Sorry I have not. I'm taking my sweet time with the engine swap. I imagine I'll be testing in about a month from now and I'll be sure to report back!
Nice stup BrianB

Thanks for the info s2k1!

I have found if i turn up my stereo real loud it solves the brake noise problem:)
Nice stup BrianB

Thanks for the info s2k1!

I have found if i turn up my stereo real loud it solves the brake noise problem:)

I tried that...but found myself with a dead battery @ 1am

Damn. I need a to upgrade the the electrical too!
The rear brake setup I posted is awesome! HUGE improvement over the factory setup with NO VIBRATION or NOISE!

haha Can you tell I'm happy with it? :)

Hit up Unleashed UTV!
I hit them up and they want $230.Western honda told me they will get me one for $199.

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