All UTV's PCI Race Radios now has Low Cost Prerunner / Play Car Helmets in Stock!!!

PCI Race Radios

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Protect your Head!!! Keep your head safe with the all new HJC CS-R1 Helmet.

The HJC CS-R1 is lined with Nylex and has removable and washable cheek pads, making it nice to have as a primary or a spare helmet for your non-race cars or toys. The outer shell is made from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell making it extreamly lightweight while maintaining superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology. This helmet comes fully DOT approved, to keep cost down it is not Snell Rated.

The CS-R1 is available in a High Gloss Black or White, with sizes ranging from XS-XXL, and also available Wired and or Pumper ready.

HJC CS-R1 Helmet $89.95
HJC CS-R1 Helmet W/Wiring $ 189.95
HJC CS-R1 Helmet W/Wiring and Pumper $279.95

If you are looking to set-up your rig with one of our Intercom packages we would be willing to swap out the headsets included in the package for these helmets wired and ready to hit the desert. If you would like to add the Pumper set-up to this it would run $75.00 per helmet.

For my information PM or check it out on the link below....
PCI Race HJC CS-R1 Prerunner/Playcar Helmet!!!

Just to top this sale off, we have a Coupon code for $25 off all helmets including this one till August 31st when purchased through the website. Pm me for more details.

How much for a 2 person race air setup with a single helmet from above without comms? Pm please.

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