Safety gear is important, more important than almost all the creature comfort accessories we seem to always gravitate too. So often when building a race vehicle we focus on the machine and not so much on ourselves. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen racers with unbelievable programs wearing out dated fire suits, cheap helmets and sometimes racing with no gloves and wearing tennis shoes. For all the money you spend on your race machines and support vehicles, why not invest a little in a good fire suit and helmet?

Impact is a name you have probably heard if you are involved in racing at any level. Their products are worn some of the best athletes in the sport and have been part of championship teams in all classes. Beyond being a popular brand, they are also a quality brand. I have personally worn Impact helmets and suits for years and I have always preached their quality and durability in addition to their fit, finish and looks. Its easy to stand behind a brand like Impact and the fact that they not only care about us as customers, they also care about our sport and that alone is reason enough to support them.

I think this is the perfect time of year to highlight these products as racers and teams prepare for 2017. New suits and helmets are being looked at, if not already in the works for next year. If your plan is to be racing with a new look in January 2017, then you better get your stuff together and get to ordering! Below we are highlighting two products we love in the Impact line of safety gear but don’t limit yourself to only these products. Explore the Impact website and take advantage of all the information and products available and if need be reach out to them by phone to talk over your needs. You can visit Impact’s site by CLICKING HERE.


IMPACT By MasterCraft Safety – TEAM ONE 1-Piece Firesuit
I have personally worn this style suit for 3 years and have loved it since the first time I climbed into it. This year I along with Chad & Larry Ragland got custom UTVUnderground.com TEAM ONE suits which allowed me to retire my FOX branded suit. Our suits were ordered off the shelf in the pre-determined sizes and in a solid black color. You can buy off-the-shelf sized suits which are usually in stock and ready to ship and then have them embroidered by Impact with your sponsors and team logo like we did or you can “ball out” like Craig Scanlon and the Scanlon Motorsports Group did and order full ticket custom fitted suits. Ordering custom suits can take a lot of time and being precise in your measurements is crucial. You can go to a local tailor and have your measurements taken or you can visit Impact if you are local to them, and have your measurements done directly by them. Should you choose to order a pre-built suit, Impact recommends you refer to their size chart which can be found byCLICKING HERE.

Nothing looks more bad ass then a full custom suit like the SMG team is wearing. Cost of a full custom Impact fire-suit can run you thousands of dollars depending on the style, materials, and embroidery. But nothing feels better than looking good as you strap into your race car or climb out of it and onto a podium. The UTVUnderground suits, while not being full custom, still had the high quality embroidery that Impact is known for and made our “stock” black suits pop once Impact stitched the UTVUG logos in. A lot of people make the mistake of buying a fire suit and then taking it somewhere to have embroidery done, thats a big no-no as it totally compromises the suit. To properly add the UTVUnderground.com logos to the suit, Impact actually disassembled the suit and then embroidered only the outer layer. Its a time consuming process and one that does come with some added cost. Impact can help you design your suit and are pros when it comes to logos and layout.

You can learn more about ordering custom suits from Impact by CLICKING HERE

The staff at Impact can walk you through the ordering process, educate you on the best products to suit your needs and then help you customize them to best represent your team and sponsors. On top of looking good, these suits are extremely comfortable and easy to care for.

TEAM ONE Suit Info: http://www.impactraceproducts.com/Impact_Racing_Team_One_p/teamone-1pc-closeout.htm

Impact’s Team One line-up strikes the perfect balance between our Racer and full custom suit with an ultra-lightweight high-quality, semi-gloss outer Nomex® fabric and Impact’s exclusive redesigned color combinations and styling for the 2014 racing season. Featuring 360° floating arm gussets and expandable lumbar gusset for added ease and mobility, the Impact Team One also includes boot cut leg cuffs and deep inset front pockets. The ImpactMAX inner liner and box-stitch quilting provide moisture-wicking and cooling comfort while offering unparalleled thermal performance properties. The Team One one-piece suit will not only fit your budget, it will keep you looking good race after race. Colors: Solid Black, Solid Red, Solid Blue, Black w/Red, Black w/Gray, Black w/Blue.

– Manufacturer certified to comply with the SFI Foundation’s 3.2A/5 Specification.
– Fire-retardant outer layer with cool comfortable ImpactMAX inner liner.


IMPACT by MasterCraft Safety AIR DRAFT OS20 SNELL Helmets
Helmet selection can be tricky, you have to pick one that fits well and accommodates you in many ways. You have to take into consideration whether you want a side air intake, top/side intake, or top intake and/or no intake at all. The intake is often referred to as a BLOWN helmet and allows you to tap into a vehicles race air system. I have leaned towards the top/side set up as it tends to keep the race air line out of my way while not getting close to the roof like a top inlet helmet. The air design on these helmets comes from years of experience. They direct air where you want it and keep it from going where you don’t want it like directly into your eyes or microphone.

The AIR DRAFT comes with pre determined dimples for drilling out holes to mount your preferred style of clip for your head and neck restraint system as well which is really nice. If you have a race helmet like this and don’t have a HNR system to also wear while competing then you are failing. HNR are crucial for protecting your neck and life, there are videos on the web that show just how much thrashing your neck takes in an impact. While the helmet will surely help protect you when smacking your head into a tube or into the ground, the HNR will save your spine from being snapped into two. Impact has HNR options as well, you can view those by CLICKING HERE.

There are also differences in how your helmet is WIRED for coms. My helmets have been wired by PCI Race Radios strait from Impact with my FOX helmet having both in-helmet speakers and a plug for ear buds. The speakers were so good I never once ran the ear buds. For my new helmet I made the mistake and only had it wired for ear buds which many racers prefer. I will admit, the ear buds work well but can irritate your ear after hours of being in. This set up also makes using the helmet for play a PITA because I have to use ear buds if I want to connect to my in-car intercom and radio. When I am riding recreationally I tend to remove my helmet more often so it can be a little annoying after a bit so take that into consideration. I HIGHLY recommend ordering your helmet from Impact or PCI already wired. To have it disassembled by the wrong people can result in your inner padding falling off.

Both of my AIR DRAFT helmets are made of proprietary American space-age Carbon-Kevlar tri-weave composite and while not as light weight as the Carbon Fiber AIR DRAFT helmet it also isn’t as expensive. I have found wearing my full face AIR DRAFT helmet is way better than wearing a moto-helmet for recreational riding. The biggest thing is the fact that I can close the visor, deaden the sound of the engine and keep debris, dust, moisture and rocks from entering my face. These helmets are also designed with aerodynamics in mind and with no visor do not cause your head to want to be torn off when running at higher speeds. On top of that its strait up comfortable and looks bad ass.

There are host of options available for the helmets to suit your style and needs. From different size cheek pads to skirts and visor options, you can order your helmet in a way that allows you to race with piece of mind!

AIR DRAFT Helmet Info: http://www.impactraceproducts.com/I...t_OS20_Helmet_p/helmet-airdraft-os20-2015.htm

As dirt and off-road racers ourselves, we understand the importance of a helmet that fits and performs in the most extreme environments. Featuring a wide eye port, the Impact Air Draft OS20 offers an exceptional range of peripheral vision while the wicker bill design provides aerodynamic down-force to reduce the potential of the helmet “lifting” at high speeds. The off-centered and left-positioned air inlet offers added overhead clearance in the cockpit while the air port is angled 20 degrees to provide ease of movement with the fresh air hose. Cooling comfort and fresh air is pumped through three individual air channels routed to direct air onto the visor further reducing fog and contaminates from interfering with the visual field. The unique placement ,of the air channels also eliminates the fresh air system from “opening” the microphone and interfering with the communication system. Additional features such as a built-in chin deflector and the Nomex® covered eye port gasket practically eliminate dust and contaminates from entering the interior of the helmet while offering added thermal protection. Variable-density interchangeable cheek pads and a variety of anti-fog and tinted shields make this helmet truly customizable for a perfect fit. Manufactured from Impact’s “Intelligent Gray Matter” inner liner and upholstered with soft-knit fire-retardant Nomex® fabrics, the Air Draft OS20 is the helmet of choice for dirt track and off-road racers alike!

– Shell construction featuring proprietary American space-age Carbon-Kevlar tri-weave composite.
– Extended chin foil captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lift and buffeting.
– Forward facing louvered chinbar vents.
– Gray Matter fire-retardant covered liner made of Impact’s “intelligent” single piece variable-density core.
– Interchangeable cheekpads for a perfect fit (comes with std cheekpads, other sizes are extra).
– Fire-retardant Kevlar® chinstrap with locking dual D-ring design.
– .125″ Clear Shield comes standard with 3 position detent.


On behalf of UTVUnderground.com I want to send a huge thank you to Robbie, Kelli and the entire IMPACT by MasterCraft Safety team. They have supported our site and race teams and always ensure that we are kept safe. They also are huge supporters of off-road racing, they don’t just make the products, they live and breath as stewards and enthusiasts of our sport. Support those who support us!!
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