All UTV's panel thickness


what thickness of alloy should i use for skid plates, side panels, roof and firewalls etc etc??? oh this is for a desert race rhino. i saw a post somewhere but now i cant find it.
thank you in advance.
The skid plate is up to you, but .190 is, in my eyes a good, a durable size. I believe that BITD rules say that the doors, roof and firewall should be made of .063 material minimum
Good luck on your build and I hope this helps.
Have you looked into UHMWPE plastic? I like the recycled black. This stuff is used for dump truck bed liners.

I manufacture a skid plate for the Redline Revolts. I like 3/8" for light recreation and light racing. I would use 1/2" to 5/8" for desert racing.


Why plastic?
Light weight
Adsorbs impacts
It wont deform or stay bent after a hit.
Easy to work, with sharp wood working tools.

Look for a local supplier or
| TIVAR® Recycled UHMW Sheet
Skid plate extra 1/4'' under motor, 1/4'' along all other bottom, so at mototr there is 1/2''.
Seems like alot but we go through a skid plate every year....
Fire wall stock is ok.
Fuel cell .040 aluminum must come up 6'' above driver back.
There is rule book for BITD let me know and will post link for it if u need.
After beating up the lightweight rear skid plates, switched to 1/4" steel plate welded to frame. I know, must weigh a ton, but I've had no problems since.
i have two sheets of .076 here so i will use as much of that on the body panels. not sure on the skid plates yet most likely 1/4 as a minimum.

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