Painters in Socal?

Wild Earp

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Hey Underground, looking for a painter in So Cal to so a full set of Fiberglass Fullbore in single color. Probably a metallic Charcoal.

Hood, cowl, rear fenders in Metallic Charcoal
Lower Quarter panels in Black

Any painters on here can PM me a price?
Call Wes at Spray Art Finishers in Escondido CA. 760-746-9900. They do very good work. They do powder and wet coats. They do custom painting for hotbodies street bike kits.
Wally World Custom Paint is in your area. This is some of his work. He also did the "FAT ROD"

As a painter Wally World Designs has been a part of some of off roads most storied race cars and trucks. Painting everything from Million Dollar Trophy Trucks, SXS's, and everything in between, Wallys work can be seen at every major race or off road event. I was lucky enough to have Wally to throw down on my car and I couldnt be happier with the results. He was timely and curtious and his work is second to none. I recomend giving Wally your buisness when you are looking for the best painter around!!! You will not be dissapointed. COMING SOON!!!!
I dont need a work of art, just something laid down that wont chip. It is fiberglass (not plastic), so it should be pretty straight forward. Its a desert car, but I need it nice and presentable for when I use it for a pit car at the LOORRS races.
Ben without a doubt you have to hit up Wally. He does such awesome work and can do everything from super basic and simple to full on crazy and wild. Give him a shot, he is always compettively priced and he is one of the best guys you will ever meet. He is without a doubt the best in the buisness and has the resume to prove it. Pus your supporting an a fellow off roader!!!!

Wally World Designs / Side X Side Outfitterz

I can speak from experience... Wally can lay down some great paint... He has painted everyone of my cars and a ton of my buddies too. The best part is he is always on time.... He hasn't missed a single deadline in over 30 years... He just did a single color all black paint job for my last race in Parker and even picked it up and delivered it to me.
Thanks guys ,i appreciate the high praise . I am humbled. Wild Earp my phone is 760-949-1220. I'm ridin dirtbikes to parker race the hardway this thursday so i wont be in the shop till monday. Hope to speek with you then. thanks Wallyworld

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