Official Vegas 2 Reno Update Thread **UTVUnderground EXCLUSIVE!**



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IRC Tracking: Welcome to IRC - International Racing Consultants will be participating in thei monumental race both in pit support and in car with the #1924 Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx of Lasher Motorsports. Joey D. will be getting in the 1924 to co dog at some point in the race. UTVUnderground members Mike L. (owner), Rick "WallyWorld" Wallace, and Jon "Crowdog" Crowley will also share the bulk of the time in the vehicle. Rusty5150 and Offroadswapmeet as well as Lead Dog will also be with us providing Pit and Media support!!!

Follow us on the links above on raceday and cheer on all of us int he UTV class! For those other UTV racers looking for UTVUnderground stickers find me at the GBC Motorsports Trailer at Contingency! On top of that i will have California 200 memorial Ribbon stickers for sale to help raise money for the California 200 fund!!!

I want to personally thank a couple of people for making my dream of an off road race possible!

Kimbrell Racing for their donation!!
Simpson Racing for the awesome helmet and race suit
Mike Lasher for putting me in the car at the last minute
Rusty Baptist for providing the best pit support a hat could buy.
And the entire UTVUnderground for supporting this site so that I had the opporutnity to go and do this!!!

Thanks guys, see you at the finish line!!!


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I'm In like Flint! Proud to be able to to assist in all the grunt work needed! LOL!! Professional Pit Guy On Demand!

The Lasher Motorsports Monster will go all the way!
I followed the whole race last year and cell coverage can be a challenge at times. But I will try to post up as many pictures in real time as possible on my blog at: UTV Guide Blog

See you guys tomorrow night. Leaving northern CA about 8AM.

Be safe and fast, I will be following and pulling for you!


Good luck to all you guys racing in the V2R race, myself and the rest of the RZR'S EDGE Team really hate missing this race, but things happen beyond our control sometimes. hopefully catch you at the next one.
Yeam Rockstar Motorsports 1938 is ready. I went by there shop last nite to drop off some parts. They are ready to rock!!! I wish I could be there!
good luck to all the racers and be safe.....
See ya hopefuly at Bluewater with the new RZR4.
Will be following all the racers on IRC Friday.
Good luck to all UTV racers especially Joey D. Dude I didn't know that Simpson made helmets in George Lopez size. Keep safe & have fun making memories.
Well, with Mike and RZRS EDGE out, guess I'll be forced to cheer ya on...j/k
Joey, Mike L, give em hell and win this thing... I'll be watchin you on IRC.
Jon C, thanks for getting updates out on UTVGUIDE.
Day 1 Update:


On our way out to Vegas we stopped to pick up Wally at his shop. Wally is a sponsor of UTVUnderground, he owns SideXSide Outfitterz, Wally World Designs, and Americas Adventure tours. He did the awesome paint on my car as well as the paint on lashers Monster Energy kawasaki Teryx and a host of other popular off road racers. Matter of fact when we rolled up he was putting the finishing touches on Vildosola's Trophy Truck paint/body.


Wally Cutting the last of the graphics for the race car

We applied all graphics.....




Whats cool about getting to hop on with this team is we share so many sponsors. Mikes own company is a contributor, Wally is a sponsor of our site, Jon Crowdog Crowley of UTVGuide.Net is a contributor to our site, Aaron Florio of Walker Evans Racing is a member here and a co driver, Walker Evans Racing has done some custom shocks for the car and produced the wheels we are running, XMF produced the LT suspension, Muzzys built the motor, Monster Energy is a sponsor of UTVUnderground as is Kawasaki! Beard provided the seats and nets, Simspon the harnesses, our race suits, and helmets, and our newest sponsor to UTVUnderground GBC Motorsports provided us with the tires we are running!!


XMF Suspension with custom tuned Walker Evans Racing Shocks

More updates to come as service permits. Please join and follow our facebook page for more picture updates throught the day: Login | Facebook





Lasher driving us on down the road!

The most important part of my day....
Good luck Joey! I wasnt able to go watch you guys start cause of my STUPID JOB:mad: but I hope you have a SAFE clean race:cool: and bring home a win!

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