Rocker Head in the 1999 Teryx won the UTV Sportsman Class at V2R

Congrats to Jagged X for winning the 2010 BITD TSCO V2R race. You guys are un real, winning 4 of these in a row is amazing! Way to represent for the UTV world! Also congrats to all of the finishers!!


Pos. Pos. Class Rider Time Number
1 1 UTV P Brandon Schueler 14:09:18 1919
2 1 UTV S Rocker Head 16:08:24 1999
3 2 UTV P Jason Murray 17:33:01 1917
4 3 UTV P Sean Lindberg 19:50:05 1950
5 4 UTV P Jerome Vinagro 20:47:35 1937


1950 Yamaha Rhino - Sean Linberg
1924 Kawasaki Teryx - Mike Lasher
1938 Polaris RZR - Brian Thomas
1910 Polaris RZR - Ricky Leard
1943 Polaris RZR - Yancey Reynolds
1917 Yamaha Rhino - Jason Murray
1904 Yamaha Rhino - Cory Sappington
1919 Polaris RZR - Brandon Schueler
1937 Polaris RZR - Jerome Vinagro
1999 Kawasaki Teryx - Rocker Head

More info and stories to come!!!!

Well we are back from our adventure from the BITD TSCO Vegas 2 Reno race. Technically the race should be called the Beatty 2 Dayton race since the race starts and ends in both those Nevada towns which lay a ways outside of Vegas and Reno.

UTVUnderground rolled out with the 1924 Monster Energy Kawasaki team of Mike Lasher and Co. The Teryx was ready to roll and very well prepped. We had hopes of a high finish and solid/smooth race. Unfortunately our day was over within 100 miles due to a fuel injection issue. As of right now we still don’t know what caused the issue but we nailed it down to being something in the computer timing of the injection or the injection system itself. We were bummed after about 2 hrs of trying to figure the issue out. BITD officials let us drive the UTVUnderground Chase Truck (Chase 3) and UTVGuide's Chase (chase 2) out to a checkpoint location where Lasher and Aaron were able to push the car back too. We couldn't touch the car but we were there to help troubleshoot and attempt to solve the issue.

In all we had to put the car on the strap and call it a day. UTVUnderground wants to thank Mike Lasher and his solid team of Underground members and supporters for allowing us to come along on this adventure. Even though the results are not what we wanted or planned for we still had a great time showing up to compete. We know that Lasher will be back at the next race and UTVUnderground will be back as well!

We also want to thank all the other teams that supported the Underground at V2R by running out stickers. It meant a lot to us to see you guys at the line with our sticks. I got them to all that I saw at Tech, for those who didn’t get some let us know and we will be sure to dial you in for the next BITD event.

Thank you to Dan "OffRoadSwapMeet" Fernandez and Mathew "Paparazzi" Lasher for assisting with taking pictures this weekend. It helped out a lot!! You guys got some great shots. And of course thank you to all the Underground members that were with us there....Rusty5150 for always holding it down, Aaron Florio for your education on the vehicle and making sure I was prepared to co-dog, Jon Crowley for always supporting UTVUnderground from day 1, Rick "Wally World" Wallace for all your support, education, and friendship...I always enjoy hanging with you, and thanks for the ear buds! I will get you back!! Mike Lasher for bringing us along and supporting us 100% in all we do! Chip Boldin for coming along and helping out! See you all at the next race!!!

More Race Info, Links, and Pics!

UTV Guide Blog

2010 BITD Vegas to Reno - UTV Guide


On Top Again. Jagged X winning its 4th V2R Title in a row.
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The host hotel for Tech/Contingency


Mike and Crowdog at the GBC/Monster Kawasaki set up


Wally with one of his recent paint creations for Vildosola TT#21





The 1999 Tech 3 Teryx. Check out their Air Conditioning set up that puts cool water to cool their parker pumper air!! These guys finished 1st in sportsman UTV and 2nd in UTV overall! This car is awesome and sports an 840 Kawasaki V-Twin! Thanks for the support guys!



I was pumped for my first race, and even though I didnt get in the car it was awesome to just get to be able to go through the steps of registering for this epic race! If all goes well I will get seat time in the next race in October. Once I paid for my BITD membership and entry into the race we recieved some cool gifts. We got a BITD members shirt, a V2R participant shirt, a V2R Back Pack, a V2R Participint Pin, and a dahsboard plaque. Super cool!!






Ricky Leard who is also a supporter of UTVUnderground and was running our sticks for this race. Not sure what happened or what his race story is but hopefully he will come here and let us know!
When Lasher went out of the race we (UTVUnderground Chase) knew we wanted to press on to the finish. We shifted gears from UTV support to Trophy Truck support as our good friends at All German Motorsports aka AGM were racing this weekend with the #8 TT of Roger Norman and Norman Motorsports. AGM needed a few hands to assist them with a pit stop at Pit 15 so we hooked up with them and headed on up to 15.

After a quick rehearsal we were set to go. Rusty and I would work the rear jacks of the truck and assist in the tire change. Turns out the drive shaft was damaged so they also had to change the driveshaft. It was super sketchy as they did this while the truck was running, almost injuring a few on the team in the process. Needless to say the truck was out of there in about 8 minutes and back on course where they would take second place in the Trick Truck class and 3rd place OVERALL!!!! I can now check off TT support from my bucket list! hahah

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That's awesome Joey! Be sure to give Armin/Bryan crap for the drive shaft...TT have it exposed, you can't "center" rocks! Guess thats a learning from CL1 to TT :D

Is that Chip with his back to the camera?
nice write up joey! The bitd races are great and so are all the people involved. Glad you enjoyed it! The 1938 ended up losing their motor at mile 408. They gave it a good run and sucks to hear they had some bad luck. Hope to see you down in parker in october! Hopefully we can make it to the finish without problems
Bummed I didn't get a chance to ride along with Wally in Lasher's 1924 Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx, but it was great to hang with you guys!
This was our first BITD race and first 500 mile+ race, we were very proud to be on the podium, 2nd place overall. The UTV community there was very welcoming for us new comers. We fought tire problems all race long and blew thru about 8 tires (sounds like its time for tire balls). Our chase crew calculated almost 2 hours of issues so it could have been a great fight at the finish. Thanks to all it was alot of fun, see you next year.
they were probably just putting on what they had as spares....

nice meetiung you guys out there Gary! Same to everyone we met! Can't wait for Parker!!
I'm sorry Mike and Joey that you guys had issues. The car looked awsome. It was really good to finally meet you guys at contingency. Jason and I sure looked for you at bfg pit 2. Little did we know that you stepped up TT support. We heard that a truck hit a UTV? does anybody know who got hit and if there was anybody hurt. I like being in front of the BIG guys, but boy does it make you nervous when you know they are comin. I'm glad everyone had a good time and we are all home safe.
Congrat JX for another win! Woot...woot!

What happened at tech...I heard it was a cluster @#$%&

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