Official Bilek Racing Silver State 300 Update Thread


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I will be posting updates as I get them from Mesquite, NV. Until then enjoy this Contingency Intro Video from Tracking International - Land - Air - Sea

Track the race at :

Tracking International - Land - Air - Sea
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First update!

the Team Lasher Motorsports / Vildolsola Racing pulled off the side of the Nevada Desert Highway and did a little vehicle testing! All Systems GO!!!!!!


Mike called and told me he grenaded the motor.....................

he then said JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
OK My first update for the day as I have been gone all morning with the little ones soccer game......

It appears that at 12:00 Noon Jim Creagan in the 1947 Bi Polar Artic Cat is out in front with a very small lead over Brandon Schueler in the 1919 Jagged-X Polaris RZR. They are throgh Pit 3 and at around RM 134.

In 3rd position currently and back at RM 124 is Rick "Wally World" Wallace n the 1924 Lasher Motorsports / Vildosola Racing Kawasaki Teryx. They ahve a very small lead over Jerome Vinagro in the 1913 Polaris RZR (I think its a RZR?)

Other notables are Pierre Perrett in his 1909 Polaris RZR and Joseph Leeper in the 1954.
It appears that Rick Leard in the 1910 and Mark Holz in the 1932 Holz Racing Polaris RZR are both currently out of the race. Unless they are having tracking issues?

You having issues viewing the tracking? Mine hasn't updated their positions since 10:30AM.
Yeah unfotunatley Reid it looks like the IRC Tracking has taken a dump on us. I am working on getting some updates from a few people. I will keep posting them as they come in...........

On another Note besides Lasher are their any other Kawasaki's running that you know of??
Not that I'm aware of. Mikes just kidding post caught me off guard. I guess that was the intent!
At least 4 UTV's thru RM 200 and all within 30 minutes of each other. Lasher and a few other cars don't show up on the timing page so until the tracking gets back we'll be guessing a little.
hahah....yeh I did nt find it very funny when he pulled that joke out......LOL.....Looks like the stock motor is working just fine for them! Poor Crowdog is gonna get that motor back and its gonna be 2 big races in! LOL He's gonna wish he kept it at home!

I am going o refresh my IRC and see if I cna get some one is answering the phone.....Maybe they are busy racing or something?
Just goes to show you that you don't need a bunch fancy high dollar motor stuff to do well racing in the desert!
I agree........Motor Work is not neccesary for the desert races.........Reliability and durability is the name of the game!!!

Reid I am surprised your not down with all those guys in Baja right now playng with DFR and ITP........I heard DFR built and aresenal of Kawi's for the pre run and race!

Jon are you back on TI?

I was going to go but work was crap this week and I had too many business projects that kept me from going. LR (Baja legend Larry Roeseler) went down to represent.
I went to TORC last night instead and might head back again tonight. Not many UTV's this go around. We need to work on rules to get more people involved (and to level the playing field). I know, that is a topic of its own.

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