new to the site. whats up?

Tommy-SB Fab

Tommy-SB Fabworks
ive been on here a bunch checkin it out. just finally got around to signing up. wheres the races with some real jumps?
Welcome to the site man, I know crazy horse gp a couple of months ago had some GOOD hits ! I sure some of the racers can tell you alil more.

Have you hit up milestone...I think that's what the name is in Riverside CA
i raced the superstock there a couple years ago it was pretty good. i couldnt make it to the last milestone race cuz we had some other stuff going on.

im gunna try to race all the elsinore ones cuz it was better than all the other tracks but i will definately have to try milestone also.
I have been wanting to check milestone out on my dirtbike but just haven't got around to it. So you plan on going to the lorr race this month in elisnore ?
ill be out there but not racing. entry fee is to much with not a good enough payout. hopefully they cut out a section off the big track for the rhinos though like they did last time at elsinore
True that one the rhinos just don't move like the big trucks but was a good track if more people show up this round. Last months race was kinda emtpy haha well hopefully meet up with you at the next race also I did catch what type of SXS you have any pics ?
ya i have an 07' rhino


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O thats your ride you were out there last round racing, well at least I think that was your ride ! I think I have seen you at M4Sx also but could be wrong
ya we were one of the sponsors last year. we had a modified RZR race a couple last year and i just got my rhino ready to race a few months ago but i dont have a built motor like all the other guys out there. it will definately tear it up though
Its all about motor now on some of the tracks due to the lay out but chit happs and now its time to save and build that beast. Well if you make it out to the next race hopefully we meet up its always better to meet the people in person than this damn computer
Welcome to the site Tommy and SB Fab! Glad you joined up!!!! Keep up the hard racing!


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