Yamaha New & improved Hot 686 combo



Not bad for a 686 huh?
Going to be a fun desert season!
Note: RPM on the graph is not accurate. Dyno measures and indicates properly, but printed improperly. Peak power is up around 8800 rpm.
Does that say almost 70hp or what? Break it down for us Chris....BTW I got yourmessage, I will call you on Monday! Thanks for posting!
I need this motor package. I am currently doing a little make over on the Rhino. What is the deal with package? Chris can you PM me the info. Now would be a good time to pull my motor.
yes it is at the wheels with my motor Court :D

34 pulls yesterday at near 9K rpms:eek:

How is this compared to my 686 that i dropped off to you. Is it the same setup. What is the comp ratio on this 686?
I spoke with Chris from Benchmark for about an hour last night.

He's serious. Impressive numbers for sure. Lets play the game of how do we know if those dyno numbers are accurate? Start with its one of the higher end dynos, not a Dynojet dyno. Probably costs 5 times as much. Second lets say it 5% off. Thats still 64 hp, or maybe its 71!!.....I guess thats why the bananna dident get pulled on the straights when racing against bobby's 800 in corr. Lets face it, Chris just knows how to make power.
That he does! I am pumped to see that these guys are still putting in R&D on our single cylinder motors!!!! Most of us take that kind of work for granted. Thanks Chris for continuing to push the envelope!!!!
Chris is definatly the man when it comes to this 660 base. If there are many of these 686's in the dunes this year it will be interesting
chris is great to work with. i have only spoke to him on the phone and explians everything perfect.. i will be contacting chris again tomarrow. thanks again chris
Wow, those are some great numbers Chris! Way to keep the single cylinders competitive!!

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