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DFR 2009 Baja 500-1000 Winners! - Official UTVUnde
We have finished all the Drawings for the Sheet Metal, Fuel Cell, Radiator, Dash, and SIDE EXIT Exhaust. The new car is amazing. We have plenty of room in the driver compartment. See attached picture. We have the Tunnel done for the motor and Radiator. We are about a week away from bolting things on the car.
ITP hired us to help them race the Baja 1000. They will be racing the first Nessie 2 Seater with us in November. We will have a two car team. DFR ITP, and DFR Team Green Kawasaki. We are also building ITP 3 Pre Runners. They will be using these as we show them around Baja the weeks leading up to the race. We have invited Mike Lasher from SXS Magazine to Document the pre run and the race. Wish him the best of luck in V2R next week. He is running our LED lights on his Teryx. We have two trips scheduled for the Pre Run. Mike will be on both. The DFR Team Green Car will be driven by Reid Nordin and Hans Waage again, as well as myself and Larry Roesler.
As of right now, LR and Myself will be running two race vehicles. LR will start in the Norman Trophy Truck and finish at Borego, I will be racing open Pro on a bike and taking it from Teacate to Borego. I will drive the Teryx from Felipe to the cross over road, and LR will take it from the cross over to the finish.
We will be supporting three race vehicles including ITP and its race team. It should be a great race, wish us a safe and fast race, DFR Nessie VS ITP Nessie should be a great race for all you people who follow us on Race the World.
Come by our both at the SSSS to see the new two seat Nessie by DFR. We will be taking orders for cars at that time. The first three cars are all media and test cars. We are in full production as of October 1.
Todd Romano
DragonFire Racing


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Wow, looks great. Good luck on everything I hope all goes well. Will there be any finacing availble?.
Thanks man it has been a long time coming and yes there will be financing avalible but most likely not through us we are going to have a dealer program so you can pick one up threw them.

Weight and horse power numbers are a hard thing to just throw out there. This car is going to come in so many different styles (short course, off road, recreation) and motor options (stock kawi - full race motors w/stand alone EFI) as well as rolling chassis so you can build whatever you can think up. All of wich will effect weight and power.
I am even more excited about the 1000!!! I just spoke with Lasher, I cant wait to see you guys in Mexico!!
i have to say i'm really excited to head to Mexico with the Dragon Fire Crew. It should be an absolute blast to be a part of their team. i'll be sure to give you a first hand report of how the cars work and what they are capable of.

I tested the new DFR lights for my car last night and pissed off the neighbors they were so bright. i'm looking forward to heading to barstow tomorrow afternoon to see how they work in the desert. We are running a 42" bar on the roof and 22" bar on the bumper. The DFR lights and our Pro Armor bumper make the perfect combination.
From talking to Todd, it sounds like we are releasing an all out assault on Mexico. I can't wait for the 1000, last year was such a heart break story. It will be cool to go out there and pull off what we here all know is capable from this team.
We will be pulling for you guys!! But I must admit I am a fan of any UTV that even attempts to challenge Baja!
To be honest so do I, Baja is not for the faint of heart. In Nessy it's like being in a mini trophy truck. It still blows me away the things this car can do, watching LR drift a corner and still have enough to clear jumps out of the corner and fly them perfectly to downside of a landing on a motocross track is just crazy. I ride motocross and during testing Todd asked me how fast I was hitting a jump into a 90 degree corner. Wouldn’t you know next lap there was a UTV (Nessy) flying next to me in the air. This car is truly a whole new breed. Baja is next and we are all chomping at the bit, I hope to see everyone there and a full class of UTVs.
what are the dates for the baja 1000 this year. does anyone know??? i have a place to stay at in Loreto, i want to see the 1000. so plz let me know.. thanks alot
SCORE has not posted this years course yet.....Once they do we will have it posted here. You can find a lot of SCORE info here in the Desert Race Section. You can also find all major UTV related off road race information including dates n the Calender
SCORE has not posted this years course yet.....Once they do we will have it posted here. You can find a lot of SCORE info here in the Desert Race Section. You can also find all major UTV related off road race information including dates n the Calender

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