Yamaha muzzy?


Murder Red
with this exhaust the guy from hunterworks says that with the msd and the muzzy something bad happens to the fuel ratio and hit rpm?
is this true?
I've know Todd at Hunterworks for quite a wile, i know he is one of the few shops that tests every product before he sells it. Todd usually won't make a statement without more evidence than we would all understand to back it up. i wonder if there is an issue or a miss understanding. Where did you see him post that coment?
On another forum. He does testing but his results are not always accurate. Lots of variables with him. I leave it at that.
Todd has been taking a BEATING on RF's as of late..........Muzzys are definitley a bad azz exhaust!
Muzzy/MSD woke my car up. Before I did this upgrade I could only make it about 2/3 of the way up Olds by myself. Dune tour I made it up with my wife and two kids.

It's still a rhino, but made a big difference. Worth the money in my opinion.
This is an old thread, but i'll add a little.
I tuned a 700 with the MSD and a Muzzy a while back. I think the MSD was on map#3, and it was dangerously lean in places, and pig rich at an idle.
It is definitely a good idea to either buy a package that has been properly mapped, or get it checked and possibly adjusted by someone who knows how to do it.
Does the muzzy make significant more power over the dual Looney Tune Exhaust? I know it is quieter but if it only make say 1 hp over the Looney not worth it!!!

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