Mudding up in Flagstaff

With record rain fall here in Flagstaff I went to some of my riding areas around my house to discover that they were underwater. I decided to have some buddies over for some Arizona mud fun

[ame=]YouTube - Muddin in AZ[/ame]
Looks like fun! One thing about that Arizona mud is it sure does STAIN!! The headers on my quad and the bedrails on my truck is still stained from that mud five years after I had some "fun" in it in Williams!
yeah I usually burn a whole tank of gas in my pressure washer just getting all of the crud out after I go mudding up here. Its been really bad after all the rain washed the ash down the mtn into the mud holes
AZ mud is nasty. i just replaced my batteries in my Dodge and found tons of
mud in the battery trays from the PITP in 2008.

good times for sure in the mud, but you pay for it in the end.

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