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I know, not very popular but Im bummed we missed that last trip. If you saw Rhino Mayhem you got to see about 3 minutes of a 3 day trip from Santa Veronica to Mikes to San Felipe & back.
Ive done it on the bikes but never the Rhino, it needs to happen again.

Joey, get on it! My only suggestion is make it from Veronica or El Hongo to & around Mikes and back, 2 day trip insted of three or, maybe those that want to peel off and go back insted of continuing to SF at least have a guide back.

My .02 and no Im voulenteering to lead...Ill suck dust and be cool with that.
SOunds good with me!!!! Here is the link on UTVGuide.Net that detailed the trip! Definitley one of the coolest trips I have ever been on!! It was also featured in last July's SXS Action magazine!

ORW (Off Road Warehouse) was the organizer of the trip...I know they are planning another run for 2009!
I wanted to make this trip last year. Unfortunately my sidekick (my dad) bailed on me... o'well we'll try again if they (cough, cough Joey) decide to make it happen this year.
You know we will! Its a trip lots of people want to go on but only so many can sign up due to logisitics......SO once we do get it togeather and sign ups begin it will be a race to see who gets signed up!! We may have as few as only 10-15 UTV's this year.
I will keep you posted!! ORW is a part of UTVUnderground now so it will definitley be a partnership!!!

For those of you that went last year, Randy's buddy Fred with the blue Prestige built rhino had a stroke and heart attack the other day. Say a prayer for him!!
It was truly an awesome trip. Really appreciated the invite last year.

I sure hope Fred is going to be OK.
It was truly an awesome trip. Really appreciated the invite last year.

I sure hope Fred is going to be OK.

Crow....did you do the Grand Canyon trip that is in the latest SxS action???
Joey and I have talked about a similar trip from the south side.. but the north side sounds like alot of fun...would like some more info then the article gives....
I am going to get AZ street legal!!! My pops and I share the same name and he lives in AZ! uh oh, I hope no one rats me out!! LOL
it said in the article that not all of you were street legal and you got away with it correct...

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