M4SX R5 Report


Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
Our vacation has started off great.

Day 1-Friday night, rode at Star West MX park, Code was doing half the jumps on the track with his first time ever on 250F and I have just gotten fat and slow, gotta work on that. Then hang out with everyone at the Pit Party, thanks to the UTVUnderground, Dirt Alliance and all of the supporting sponsors for hooking us up with some awsome grub. Poor Junior cooked all night and only got one taco.:mad::D
Thanks to Black Rhino & Pro Armour for the goodies as well.

Day 2-Saturday night at the PAS. Code pulled off the win in the amatuer class after a race long battle with MOTOGARY. Only a matter of time Gary.
Thanks to M4SX & Dirt Alliance, PAS, UTVUnderground, Callen Petroleum Products, our sponsors HCC, Hardbargin, R3 Motorsports, and a very special thanks to our newest team member Makita Power Tools.
Also, special thanks to Jason of Weller Racing for an excellent engine package and to me, yes me for the long nights in the garage and making sure we get to the track, and I guess my wife as well.;) Love you honey.

How about that SXS shootout?? That look both fun & scary at the same time.

Day3-unload the trailer, wash the race car, put the bikes in the truck, and head for Montana. Good luck to everyone racing Lucas next weekend, and a Happy Fathers Day.

I seen you guys had your bikes out there it made me want to go home and get mine lol I have never been on that track it seems to be a nice set up. Congrats to code for the good fin again, what he placed 3rd overall in the main ? He can drive that's for sure

Also happy fathers day to you to ?
Great job to all of you!!! It is so fun watching all of you guys run out there! Watching the vehicles progress and seeing how hard you all work to race and put on a show is worth every second of work and every penny we put into going out and watching these races! Keep it up everyone!!! And THANK YOU TO ALL THE RACERS AND TEAMS THAT CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!! WITHOUT YOU GUYS WE WOULDNT BE WHERE WE ARE TODAY!!!!

More pics to come!
Love this site!!! Great photos, people, write ups!!! I really enjoy reading about the events!!!! The race was fun to watch, there were some great drivers and awesome cars out there!!!:eek:

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