Lucas Oil Vegas

I know Joey and Rusty are there. I wish round 1 would have stayed @ Lake Elsinore! I would have gone for sure! :mad:
Races were awesome!!! Austin was killing it until a coolant line blew off and sprayed the entire electrical system causing him to fall back but RJ Anderson raced a perfect race and made the pass for a strong second finish! Tyler Parks rounded out the podium in third!

Bobby lost a motor in practice, small part failure so he got a lap in but will be ready tommorow.

Chad George was runnign strong until he had his cpu come loose and hit his kill switch to turn the car off, bad luck...but he ended up getting 2nd in his Super Lite race which was awesome!!

There was some amazing stuff going on today. Awesome racing, lots of carnage and the best Pro 4 off road race I have ever witnessed!

Pics and more stories to come!

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